The 2nd Saab exit in the Rhön. Prior notice.

Some optimism is good for all of us. While meetings are canceled without replacement or, at best, relocated to new dates, the Saab exit in the Rhön region is still being planned. After a successful premiere last year, the organizer is busy with the next exit. This should take place in mid-September. So let's keep our fingers crossed optimistically that the times are better until then.

Saab exit Rhön 2020

Initiator Thomas Zecher writes the following announcement to readers, which we are happy to put online:

Dear Saab friends!

We very much hope that the current crisis with its initial restrictions will soon come to an end and that social activities will be allowed again in a few weeks.

Therefore, the announcement for the 2nd Saab exit Rhön comes on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

If you can schedule it, please make a note of the date. More detailed information about registration etc. comes about 5-4 weeks before the appointment.

Kind regards
Thomas Zecher


2 thoughts on "The 2nd Saab exit in the Rhön. Prior notice."

  • The virus is defeated - then I'll be there! Unfortunately, my optimism is not that great.

  • Hello Thomas, great thought. If there is no house arrest again, I “register” today.

    Best health Tom L.

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