A super sonnet? Concept by Koenigsegg RAW-Designhouse.

It is possible that Koenigsegg is considering another model. A great entry-level sports car. Reduced to what is necessary. Kind of a Swedish super sonnet. Compact, with a lot of performance and innovative materials. RAW Designhouse, the design company of the Koenigsegg Group, has published a new concept on Instagram. It comes from the Finnish design student Esa Mustonen and is the subject of her master's thesis.

After the Jesko Absolut and the new Gemera, there should be no more news from Ängelholm. You think, but it's wrong. It continues with dynamism and the concept could be more than just an idea. It is a compact super sports car that can accommodate 3 people. The body is made of carbon fiber, so the weight is only 700 kilograms. It is powered by the three-cylinder Freevalve engine, which is also responsible for the propulsion in the new Gemera. It has an output of 700 hp. A horsepower meets 1 kilogram of vehicle weight - the driving performance would be sensational again.

A super sonnet from Ängelholm?

The compact dimensions of the Freevalve drive make a short wheelbase and a very compact body possible. The driver sits in the middle, flanked by 2 possible passengers. Not a completely new idea, French athletes like that Matra Murena realized the same idea in the 80s. However, the Murena was always more a coupe than a sports car and was very reticent in its day. Most recently, it was the McLaren F1 that made a name for itself as a super sports car with 3 seats. The McLaren was larger, heavier and pursued a different philosophy with a 12-cylinder drive.

The vision of RAW Designhouse could be a Swedish super sonnet. It may be more than just a master's thesis. Because it was created under the eyes of Christian von Koenigsegg and chief designer Sasha Selipanov, which they found to be good. The design language remains true to the DNA known from Ängelholm. More aircraft than car, the aircraft cockpit for passengers by tradition.

The concept is still only a digital version. But you never know. There is always room for innovative surprises in Ängelholm. The RAW-Designhouse concept was not the last.

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    If you now give the whole thing the opportunity to steer (with a usable steering wheel) or to compress, all you need is a motor that obviously runs without suction. A nice idea in itself. I like the contrast: “Round roof to edges”, however, not at all.

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    A conflicting concept for me:
    viewed from above, the Aero X is immediately positively recalled,
    From the front, I ask myself: where is the vacuum cleaner bag hidden? Should that be the point ???
    seen from behind is far too martial.
    The flowing shape from above and the angular corners don't match for me.
    Better the Gemera ... 😉

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    One of the most interesting concepts in recent years. Koenigsegg inspires me more and more. In series with an affordable body (it doesn't always have to be carbon fiber) and marketed as a Koenigsegg sub-brand. It would be my dream!

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    When I look at it for the first time, I find it really difficult. Nice fits in any case. But only beautiful or beautifully ugly? However, I suspect that this is only because the design is so different that the taste synapses cannot find a place to dock.

    Maybe I still dream too much of an AERO X reincarnation that goes beyond prototype status.

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    Koenigsegg sonnet

    Even the number of cylinders is correct. It would be funny if it were realized in a similar way ...

    Sometimes I wonder what would come of it if Koenigsegg set himself an everyday car as his goal and thought about it in mass production ...

    I would love to see this study. Maybe Evergrande is commissioning one?

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    In my subjective opinion, the most innovative, best and most aesthetic vehicle design I've ever seen. The light front and the side lines that merge with the wheels to a clear outer skin, only loosened up by a wing-like bead that emphasizes the aerodynamics. The rear is also very clear and emphasizes functionality.
    I have respect for this neo designer who has created something really independent in our exhausted, often repeating design world.
    Of course, taste depends on the respective viewer, I am thrilled.

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