Swedish alpha car. The Saab 9-3 Viggen 2.3 T 1999.

In Sweden the auction for collector vehicles starts on May 6th. I have selected the most interesting offers. These do not have to be exclusively from Saab, other brands also offer exciting objects. I start today with the Alpha Auto of the 9-3 I series. The Viggen was the powerful high-flyer of the late 90s. Even today, it is worth more than just a temptation and a close look.

Front view, the additional headlights are annoying
Front view, the additional headlights are annoying

The Saab gets its name from JA 37 Viggen. A legendary fighter and assault aircraft from the 70s that was used by the Swedish Air Force. The vehicle offered has the specific color Ligthing Blue, which can also be found on the seat inserts in the interior. This Viggen is fully equipped. From the sunroof to the multi-electrically adjustable seats, it has everything that was possible at the time. The series was not produced in Trollhättan, but at Valmet in Uusikaupunki, Finland. Their processing is considered better than that of the Swedish Saabs, the susceptibility to rust as less.

Powerful alpha cars are wanted

The Viggen produces 230 hp, they are produced in a 2.3 liter turbo power plant. The relatively compact Saab was on the road like a sports car at the end of the 90s. Even today, its driving performance can convince, the start of the large four-cylinder is remarkable. A Viggen is on the level of similar athletes of its time. But it is much more socially acceptable and individual and never embarrassing.

The copy offered at the Bilweb auction has a mileage of almost 200.000 kilometers. Not too much, but prudent buyers should plan a possible engine overhaul. The five-door hat shows signs of wear and tear, the condition on the underbody seems perfect. The numerous photos show traces of rust prevention. One can have hope that the rest of the body is just as good.

However, the additional headlights underneath the bumpers have a disturbing effect, otherwise the substance appears original. Powerful alpha cars of the late 90s are wanted, a Viggen is no exception. For years, prices have only known one way that points upwards. The short production period and the low availability of the Alpha Auto make the 9-3 Viggen an investment without loss of value.

What can the Viggen cost?

The days when entry into the Viggen class with 4 digits were possible are over. Bilweb estimates the vehicle at a price between € 13.000 and € 15.000. A realistic assessment that is also required in Germany for comparable vehicles. The 9-3 Viggen offers a lot of driving pleasure, is suitable for everyday use, and with its hatchback it can also be used as a fast transporter.

But it is by no means a bargain that could be whisked south from Sweden at a particularly affordable price. But there is always hope. It is quite conceivable that the Corona crisis has dampened interest and that a cheaper price below the estimated value is possible in the after-sale.

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    Thanks for this great blog. It was very interesting to read.

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    Oh damn, I'm still annoyed with black today, because about 7 years ago I might have had the opportunity to buy a black 9-3 Viggen convertible. I am firmly convinced that it still drives around somewhere and hopefully gives the pilot a lot of pleasure.

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    Oh, I would take it right away! Unfortunately Sweden is currently out of reach for me. Such a 5-door Viggen in blue is somehow my dream car. I once had one in silver, I sold it and I still regret it today!

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