Almost like a new car. Saab 9000 CC 2.3i 16 1991.

The intermediate model is considered by many fans to be the most beautiful 9000 CC. The slanted front gives the Saab 9000 CC 2.3i 16 an elegant appearance. Due to its short production time, it is rare. One of these rare specimens is on the current one Bilweb auction for sale. The low mileage and the above-average general condition make it a delicious Swedish bite for collectors.

Less than 120.000 kilometers

There are only 119.920 kilometers on the speedometer. The checkbook is up to 2014 and 109.000 kilometers. In 6 years, just under 10.000 more kilometers were added, which is typical for a collector's item. The condition appears to be very good and also speaks for the status. Numerous pictures show a beautiful, well-kept interior and a body with only slight signs of wear. Another plus point is the very original condition. Even the radio seems to be from the year of production.

No turbo engine, but a vacuum cleaner provides the drive. The 2.3 liter with 16 valves and the Saab Trionic run smoothly and are powerful. For a classic, the optimal engine that places little requirement on maintenance and care. On the road on long journeys with low consumption, this Saab can still keep the old promise of the manufacturer today. Even though the windows want to be cranked by hand, the Saab 9000 is anything but a savings bag.

The first owner invested in a leather interior, the seats are heated and look well-cared for. The quality of the leather is inherently high. The automatic climate control, which can still convince, provides even more comfort.

What can the classic from Trollhättan cost?

You can still get a 9000 CC without turbo for little money. Even if, as in this case, it is a specimen with a few kilometers in good condition. The auction house estimates the value at a price between € 3.300 and € 6.200,00. The weakness of the Swedish krona also plays a role. The estimate is realistic, there shouldn't be a big surprise in the course of the auction.

The 9000 CC 2.3i 16 is such an affordable entry-level classic and also compatible in terms of maintenance. The intermediate model with its modern engine technology from the CS is definitely suitable for everyday use. A loss of value will not take place with this car either. Its strengths are high individuality, comfort, variability and the huge amount of space. They make the Saab interesting for fans and newcomers.

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3 thoughts on "Almost like a new car. Saab 9000 CC 2.3i 16 1991."

  • Almost a new car - almost an H

    Fully suitable for everyday use * and suitable for travel. From 2021 with H registration and accordingly cheap to insure.

    * Even with a removable towbar if I see it correctly?

    I really start to ponder - despite the corona hurdles and even though I find younger 9K even more stylish.

    It's good that the auction is about to expire and put an end to the cinema in your head. What a great offer! ! !

    • Yes, with a removable towbar behind the plastic cover. Typical Saab - Volvo style of the old days. Practical and discreet.

  • Personally, I prefer the steep snout, but so be it. I was built in the 90s, also in white. I always find it fascinating what a wonderfully timeless design the CC has. It was now around 36 years ago and the car is still handsome and has nothing classic about it. The estimate is basically a joke. It's a shame that I don't have any “play money” left ...

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