The time of the virologists. The time of the Saab partisans.

Week 6 of the exit restriction is behind me. It goes on in Bavaria, one more week. At least! It is the time of the virologists, less of the auto industry. It is fighting on all fronts, and COVID-19 will not only leave deep marks on the balance sheets. The first decisions on subsidies and scrapping bonuses are expected on Tuesday. One can be curious! With that in mind, it's not that bad to write about a small brand that isn't actually there anymore.

Saab partisans

Just, you should this "no longer be there”Not to be confused with the fact that we no longer exist. Saab, this small brand from the automotive partisan underground is extremely vital. This week I have workshops and the supply of spare parts geschrieben. The résumé was positive, and it remains to be added that in Bamberg and Frankfurt full order books are reported. This is good in these times and shows that the brand is valued by everyone. What helps the workshops is also good for the companies that deal with spare parts and for their upstream suppliers.

Garage Jost is now there

With some pride, Saabblog can announce a new partnership. Garage Jost from Pieterlen has been on board since May 1st and advertises on our website. Pieterlen is located in the Jura, just before the watch metropolis Biel. The Jost family's garage has held the Saab flag up for more than 40 years and the brand lives on more than ever. A good 30 pre-owned vehicles are for sale, and rarities are kept being brought from Sweden to Switzerland to ensure that the supplies for the fans don't run dry.

The gives a little insight into the dynamic business Twitter account The Garage. Restorations, classics, beautiful cars! Garage Jost suits us very well.

Entertainment program for Saab partisans

Of course, in times of pandemic it is important to provide some variety. You hardly ever see friends and family; one or the other misses his work colleagues. The chat at the bakery or greengrocer around the corner is shorter because another 6 or 7 masked citizens are waiting in front of the door to be admitted. I would never have believed that this country could switch from the ban on masking to the law on masking at some point. But now it is a fact, and we move through the day like big city partisans. That goes to the psyche, at least with more sensitive people.

The blog takes care of Saab Entertainment and variety as much as possible. Another 10 historical videos are on their way to digitization in the new week, there are also some hard drives and DVDs full of old Saab films in the archive. So supplies will be provided in the medium term. Another historic flick goes online this week. The oldest car magazine on German television, also history, is testing the Saab 9-5. Does one of the readers still know the name of this program?

Pay attention to each other. You're welcome!

Finally, a request with a first background. The pandemic is wreaking havoc on many people. Professionally, privately. Existences get into trouble, plans are a thing of the past. Not everyone can handle it, and some people draw a final line under this burden. Unfortunately, this is a fact and not as far away from us as one might think.

A topic that people don't like to talk about. Economy, consumption and government subsidies seem more important, but are not. Therefore: Pay attention to each other, keep in contact - however you do. Keep an eye on neighbors, friends who live far away, and relatives. Call, write. Don't leave anyone behind!

3 thoughts on "The time of the virologists. The time of the Saab partisans."

  • Thanks Tom.
    Called a childless widower right after reading. The Lord was very happy.

  • Thank you for this comprehensive / multifaceted contribution! Great!
    Also a warm welcome to the blog, family Jost! May your commitment to the blog remain positive for YOU in the long term too!
    I really like this social component of the blog:
    Therefore: pay attention to each other, keep in touch - whatever.
    Keep an eye on neighbors, friends who live far away and relatives.
    Call, write. Don't leave anyone behind!
    Perfect. This is how we master the virus situation!

  • Very nice contribution, thanks! And as far as the new scrapping premium is concerned: one does not think so much comfortable thinking is possible when it comes to problem solving in the auto industry. With our Saab youngtimers and oldtimers, we have the future-oriented cards in hand - caring for the cars with dignity until they finally reach their physical end. By then there may be more environmentally friendly technologies on the market and the public transport network will be much better developed ...


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