Volvo 850 T5 Racing. Rarity with pre-series body 1992.

If a Volvo makes it to this site, it must definitely have a special history. The Volvo 850 T5 Racing offers them. He can come up with a number of stories. The car carries the lowest known VIN of all Volvo 850. In addition, a lot of specialties from the Gothenburg engine laboratories. And, if that's not enough, an extra portion of royal aura.

850 T5 Racing

There is also some Trollhättan in every 850. He was Volvo's answer to the Saab 9000. It was convincing. Gunnar Larsson, one of the two project managers for the 9000, moved to Hisingen in 1986 with other Saab engineers. He was responsible for the 850, which was a great success for Volvo. However, his Volvo time was short. He already went to Ingolstadt in 1991 and briefly took over as head of development at Audi before working in other positions at VW. The Volvo 850 T5 Racing offered in the auction is a testimony to the short Larsson era at Hisingen. It is based on a pre-series body from the 850 series.

What does the 850 T5 Racing offer?

In 1995 Volvo delivered 3 hand-welded bodyshells from the pre-series to Johnny Haraldsson Motorsport Support AB in Halmstadt. Using special parts from the engine laboratory, a racing car was built with an estimated output of around 300 hp. Its boost pressure is variably adjustable up to 1.4 bar, it could well be more horsepower available. The 850 T5 was never approved for road use, but its VIN was pre-registered by Volvo in 1992. The T5 Racing was repeatedly used in events Mantorp Park used. It is documented that motorsport enthusiastic Sweden's King Karl XIV Gustav was sitting there and that the car was explained.

Real motorsport feeling. The interior is reduced to the absolute minimum. The Momo chairs corresponded to the motorsport requirements of the time and would no longer be compliant today. The cage and belts would also have to be modified if you wanted to move the Volvo 850 T5 Racing at motorsport events. That being said, it's a very original piece of Swedish car history. The paint corresponds to the tone that Volvo later applied to the T5R, the rims have the original color. Everything has a patina and testifies to the commitment on the ring of Mantorp Park.

What can the Racing Volvo cost?

The 850 T5 Racing is a one-off. Very individual, known in Sweden for its commitment at various events. Mixed with some royal stardust an attractive package for fans. In addition, there is the lowest known VIN in the 850 warehouse.

All this could stand out among motorsport and Volvo fans, the vehicle is definitely remarkable. Bilweb rates the 850 T5 at a price between the equivalent of € 18.700 and € 20.600,00. Expensive? Perhaps. It is possible that a bidder will be found who feels this idea is appropriate. Motorsport vehicles are always a matter of imagination and stories about the object. This 850 T5 Racing has a lot to offer.

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  • As the owner of an 850t5, your heart will open. The nice thing is that even today you can still experience the special fun of this special species as a daily driver. Fortunately, no Saab specialists were involved in rust prevention. That is what makes volvo driving so special. You drive more and weld less


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