Saab 9000 CC Turbo 1988. Sporty airflow rarity.

Saab is turbo and Saab is sport. In order to sharpen this claim a little, there was an extensive accessories catalog. The optional Airflow Kit made for a lot of spoilers in the style of the 80s. A little too much of everything, that's how it was judged in the following decades. Slightly embarrassing, not suitable for a highly reputable sedan. Today the Airflow Kit is hip again because it is rare and in the authentic 80s style.

Also rare: the Saab Airflow sticker
Also rare: the Saab Airflow sticker

In Sweden, a typical candidate from this period is about to be auctioned. An import from Switzerland that came back north in 2012. Switzerland's past actually speaks for the car. The Swiss are meticulous and never frugal when it comes to maintaining their mobile stands. Unfortunately, this is not quite the case with this classic. It bears visible signs of wear. You can see that he did not spend his automobile life in an investment banker's air-conditioned underground car park.

The Airflow Kit makes the 9000 interesting

The dashboard has a crack, which suggests a lot of sun. The cover is an elaborate composition made of plastic with an integrated sheet metal part, a crazy idea by the security fanatics from Göta Älv who never paid attention to the money but the quality of the 9000. Cracks are still possible with a lot of UV radiation. This Saab demonstrates that it can be done. The center console cover has also been in the tanning salon for too long, causing age wrinkles. The automatic climate control does not work, maybe a broken compressor. But nothing that cannot be done cheaply.

The trump card of the Saab with its dignified aged sheet metal dress is the Airflow Kit. It is complete and took part in parts 9000 Sport in advance. It could be the key point to be interested in this car. In addition, there were the peculiarities that disappeared with the year of construction 1989. The special headrests, for example, and the switch on the center console, for example, for actuating the rear ventilation nozzles.

What can the 9000 CC Turbo cost?

The for Call upcoming 9000 is priced in low. Rightly so, because there are construction sites and strange things. The SID, for example, comes from an automatic car, but the CC is switched manually. The history seems to be there, but some skepticism is healthy. What is bothersome, and which would only have to be restored to the original state with great effort, is the parking aid all around.

Bilweb takes this into account and praises the turbo for the Auction converted between € 3.200 and € 4.200. Appropriate if you are a fan of the 80s and their fashion. Restored it would be an individual statement not only at a meeting of classic vehicles. The 160 hp turbo with its light body was able to offer driving pleasure back in the 80s. Nothing changed about that.

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    Indeed a rarity, because it is noteworthy that it is still the very first series up to M88 of the Airflow Kit for this model, with door panels including door strip flank protection, while the shape of the fender flares is extremely generous because it is pulled higher ! A particularly hidden disadvantage: annoying rust tends to form and nest under this paneling and it would not be a surprise if there are even rust-perforated doors underneath, especially if these vehicles were also moved in winter at the time.

    The second series of this airflow kit from M89 was similar in structure to the airflow kit of the CD, without door paneling, ie only with optically slightly lower, pronounced side skirt and significantly more discreet but completely continuous, finely adapted fender spreading down to the side skirt; was originally offered in the UK market as a Carlsson edition and, depending on the market, even referred to as a sports model. Not to be confused with the 9000-Sport fairing M90, which looks similar but is shaped and equipped differently in detail, noticeable on the differently shaped bars of the front spoiler bumper and its additional lamp holder.

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