The understatement troll. Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo 16 1993.

A Saab strength? The Swedes built understatement cars. Most of the time you couldn't tell how fast they were. Turbo engines with a rich horsepower were slumbering under the hood. A typical representative of this species is this Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo 16 from 1993. An upcoming classic that a layman would not take away from the 200 horsepower. It is the last vehicle in the current Sweden auction that I selected for the readers. Maybe the coolest.

The Saab comes in a subtle, muted gray color. You notice the Turbo lettering on the grill, but not seriously. The 9000 CSE looks very much like a classic with its black, unpainted front spoiler and the yellow direction indicators. Under the hood, however, the splendid 2.3 liter turbo with 200 hp is waiting for him to start sprinting. The interplay of the lightweight body with the pleasantly shiftable 5-speed gearbox ensures convincing driving performance that you would not trust this car.

Saab 9000 2.3 Turbo 16 - an understatement car

Pure understatement, and the impression continues in the interior. No wood and plush instead of leather. Luxury was extra for the first owner. The Saab scores with a continuous checkbook that ends just below the current mileage. The 9000 CSE is a neat garage car. A pensioner car with less than 110.000 kilometers and few signs of wear. A quirk on the rear fender, a repainted passenger door, a few more small scratches from everyday use. Apart from the radio, it is wonderfully authentic. Even the box of the Saab-Scania delivery program was saved by 3 owners and is on the back seat.

Disadvantage? Maybe yes. Only a minimal limitation, actually. The 9000 is a powerful model with traction control TCS. It is not so popular with fans and can cause trouble. However, an expert workshop in the background takes the horror out of the TCS.

These cars have become rare, even in Sweden. 9000s were used, only a few were lucky enough to be able to age in garages with dignity. So what to do? In principle, you could buy this 9000 and then drive, drive, drive. At least for the next 20 years, until burners are no longer permitted or until the oil runs dry. A 9000 is sturdy, indestructible, and this one is fully retracted. In any case, as a new car buyer you would be out of action for decades.

Or you can buy it, remove its small defects, care for and spoil it and bring it to the H mark. It would probably be worth it and, with little maintenance, would make it enjoyable for many years.

What can the 9000 CSE cost?

auctioneer Bilweb sees the Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 16 in a price range of the equivalent of € 3.700 to € 5.100. Small money for a lot of driving fun and a long-term car that seems to be in good condition. If he were a little younger in the Anniversary Trim, it would cost more. That's unfair. Because the attraction of this troll lies in its understatement.

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One thought on "The understatement troll. Saab 9000 CSE 2.3 Turbo 16 1993."

  • In the fall of 1992 my Saab suffered / passion began. I was allowed to “build” the first Saab Center Erfurt with - an exciting u. exciting time - everything seemed / was possible!?
    One of our first Vfw. - a eucalyptus green 9000CS 2.3 turbo, switch with 200 hp !! I still remember my first drive with the Swedish marvel of engineering - I will never forget this feeling / pure goosebumps - a feeling of absolute superiority to what otherwise tried to drive on the left on the A4. Since then I knew what was meant when you talked about sheep in wolf's clothing ...
    Today I still watch every (rare) 9000er with absolute respect, admiration and melancholy.
    Only my "memories" of various TCS problems cloud the picture of this Super Saab - but only very little ....

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