In the comparison test. The Peugeot 605 against Saab 9-5 SE.

The Peugeot 605 competes against a Saab for the second time. In this video, his opponent is the then new Saab 2-9 in SE equipment. The Peugeot had been on the market for a long time at the time, but is now freshly revised. The first Test he hadn't survived quite so well against the Saab 9000. But the French followed up and eliminated the greatest weakness. There is now a 2 liter turbo engine under the hood.

Comparison Saab 9-5 vs. Peugeot 605

France versus Sweden

A new edition of the old duel France against Sweden. Who tests? It is the SWF Rasthaus Redaktion, the oldest German car magazine. There is something historical in the comparison, the program was available from 1961 with interruptions and under other names into the current millennium. Can the 605, which has been in production since 1989, stand up to the brand new Saab? The Saab is much more expensive, there are several DM 1.000,00 between the opponents. He comes up with innovative ideas such as the active headrest. It is very well made, well equipped. However, anyone who has expected the Swedes to march through will be disappointed.

The Peugeot flagship may be of older origin. But it has been cared for and refined and is still up to date. Its biggest shortcoming, the outdated drive technology, has now been eliminated. The 2 liter engines from Peugeot and Saab are both turbo-charged and their performance is comparable. A draw? Not really. The surprise comes, because the 605 depends on the 9-5 in terms of performance, and the Frenchman also scores clearly when it comes to fuel consumption. What happened? Has Trollhättan lost its lead? Because it was the modern engine technology that ultimately brought Saab forward in other tests and ensured economy, coupled with appealing driving performance.

A duel between the generations

The comparison is a duel between the generations. The large Peugeot is a product from the 80s. Large - but also light. The Saab, on the other hand, fits into the 90s generation. It is safer than a 9000 or even the 605, but it buys that with an added weight. In plain language: A 9-5 weighs 240 kg, almost 5 hundredweight, more than the Peugeot. This makes it clear why the Swedish sedan doesn't stand a chance in terms of fuel consumption and mileage.

Both opponents did well in the final test on the Opel test field. The Swede has the better-tuned suspension, but the Peugeot stays close to it. In the end, the Saab wins in the rating of the SWF Rasthaus editorial team - despite its proud price. She thinks the Peugeot is boring again and is not alone with her opinion. The test is ultimately fair, and that it runs out for the Saab, too. Because the topic of security is really a domain of the 9-5.

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  • Consumption & driving performance

    that's true. I have the 2,0t in chrome glasses. To my knowledge the same engine as in the test.

    Regardless of whether with or without a deer, it consumes less than 10 liters in a third mix of city, country road and standard speed.

    There are only 12 in the city and somewhere over 130.

    And the mileage? Simply stag and the 605 and many younger cars only see the Saab from behind.

    210 HP and 320 Nm without additional consumption and with a guarantee. I know a Saab dealer who offered its new cars with deer as standard.

  • So what struck me ad hoc: why is only the standard driver airbag mentioned on the Saab 9-5? I've never seen a 9-5 without a passenger airbag, in my opinion there wasn't one. With the Peugeot, both driver and Passenger airbag mentioned. And the consumption of the 9-5? So I only ever owned the 2,3 liter 9-5 myself. As LPT and FPT, each as a switch. In both cases, I never get over 9 liters on average. And here is the 2.0 actually supposed to consume over 12 liters? I can’t understand….

    • The 9-5 was only ever available with a full airbag package. I think the rating fits anyway, security is highlighted as a strength.

  • I had a Peugeot 90 SV605 as a company car in the early 24s.

    In principle a great car, in principle ...

    The electronic chassis, either on automatic or as required, was really an experience ...
    It was also an experience that the relatively strong V6 rubbed the wheels of the driven axle (front scraper) round on the flanks, inside and out, when forced to use it.
    Another experience was a partially functioning KAT and the resulting engine problems
    It was also interesting how Peugeot dealt with the customer, sales of a new car, yes immediately, support with guarantee / goodwill was rather questionable.

    Fortunately the box was leased and I was happy when the contract expired.

    Needless to say that I was asked to checkout again when no follow-up leasing was concluded.

    Since then I've been driving old Porsches as an everyday slurp, not really cheap but extremely reliable ... They really like highway chasing with 180-220 / 240 ...

    yes, I know, the Peugeot V6 at that time was the so-called Europa V6, a Strunx engine (I know today ...)

  • It's historic! You can no longer see the 605. 9-5 drive around a lot, the long-term result speaks 100% for SAAB!


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