Would you like a new Saab car? Here would be a 9-3 TTiD 4 sports suit!

Sure, there are people who dream of a new car. Why not. It only gets really tight when it has to be a Saab. But it is not impossible. Because even 9 years after the end of production there is a new car somewhere on the planet. Like this Saab 9-3 TTiD4 Vector, which has been offered in Italy for a long time.

Protective films in the footwell. Just like from the factory.
Protective films in the footwell. Just like from the factory.

Why is it that the station wagon has never been able to inspire a buyer? Is it the diesel heart under the hood that makes life difficult for him? Well, the TTiD4 is a Euro 5 diesel. He ends up in the corner of the unloved vehicles. It also has a power output of just 130 hp, but anyone who is a little bit concerned with the matter will not accept that. Because the engine is pleasant and low-consumption to drive. Even better, he can be sworn in for higher performance without any problem.

Increasing performance is not a problem

Hirsch Performance, the in-house tuner of Saab Automobile AB, offers a performance increase to 170 hp. This is still the case today In Stock, the difference to the 180 HP Power Diesel almost completely disappear. Otherwise there is a lot to be said for the Swedish station wagon. The Vector equipment is consistent, black Saabs also always look good. The station wagon is elegant, versatile and sophisticated. It's a 2011 model year, not 2011 1/2 like the Griffin models. You can see the relatively late production by the TTiD4 designation, and thus has a kind of intermediate model in the best Saab tradition.

The new car has been parked in Italy for what seems like ages. Its price is set at € 31.000 with confidence. But the seller, Saab dealer since 1982, seems to have all the time in the world. Understandable, because nothing will follow. The Italian specification has a small disadvantage, however. Like almost all vehicles that were produced for the Italian peninsula, this Saab 9-3 TTiD4 sports combination has no seat heating.

A Swedish car without heated seats?

With the fabric-leather combination, that's not the big drama, but you'd like to have a Saab with seat heating. It is part of the DNA of the Swedish brand. Of course it can be retrofitted, but with some effort. Because the times in which cables were laid in Trollhättan without the customer having ordered the equipment belong to the classic era. That was not the case with the last 9-3 - cables for the seat heating have to be retightened.

There is nothing speaking against buying a 9-3, especially as a new car. Spare parts are still fairly readily available and are inexpensive to maintain. Especially not when you see the Swedish station wagon in direct comparison with new cars. There is no risk of any defects in the form of collapsing assistance systems and an armada of electronic helpers in the next few years. The Saab just doesn't have it, it limits itself to what you really want. The only thing left to do now is to call the Saab dealer in Italy. And negotiate a good price.

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    Ken-Daniel and Peter - Seats - Saddlers in HH?

    In any case, for model year 2011, the only difference with the seats in soft leather optics was that in the Vector the leather portion (everything except the inner rectangles on the back and seat) was real leather, in the Linear synthetic leather that tears. With my 2011 Vector there is still nothing to be seen on the seats, despite over 180tkm.

    I don't know if that was already the case in MY 2006 (synthetic leather on the Linear), but I could imagine that this was only changed later due to cost reasons. One would have to check the price and equipment lists available on the net.

    These fabric-leather combination seats are undoubtedly very comfortable (even if I find the leather sports seats in the convertible not only much nicer, but also a little bit more comfortable), super long-distance-compatible and look really good in the black-beige combination . Nonetheless, I am considering adding food to my craft spleen and also retrofitting leather for the inner surfaces.

    Does anyone know an experienced and recommendable saddler in HH?

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    Jan - Doha

    Yes, I have already looked at the report and the pictures several times - including "humorous" dust drawings on the windshield that look exactly the same in the Arab world as they do here.

    Completely bizarre and a lost and enchanted mood. It's a shame that, as far as you can see, they are all limousines. It would be really interesting with station wagons !! But the owner only wants to sell them all at once anyway….

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    Thanks Jan

    I found the link interesting.

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      The story has been going on for months, yes it is known. Since there are many ambiguities, we (I) decided not to write about them.

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    Well, my linear is a MY11. And the seats are not just made of fabric, but a kind of synthetic leather on the sides and some plastic fabric for the seat and back. The synthetic leather on the driver's side is fragile.
    Seating comfort: excellent! The best seats.
    Much better than the leather seats in the previous SAAB, a 9-3 2.0t MY01.

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    Too bad, but I'm not surprised, I only saw vintage 2012 = Griffin. The information about Euro6, however, made me wonder.

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    So I have a linear from 2006 with fabric seats and cannot complain about the seats at all and there are only minimal signs of wear on the seats. Funnily enough, I even find a better sitting position on these seats than on the leather seats in the other Saab

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    peterv - no Griffin, no Euro 6

    No, this is not a Griffin, as can be seen on the front, the rear and the Ditzen. With Euro 6 there are no Saabs at all, they weren't that far back then. The last years of construction from 2011 were all Euro 5. A shame - this information makes the otherwise interesting offer appear dubious.

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    @ B. Anya,

    a complex and self-contradicting phenomenon perfectly summed up. Can I have some more, please …

    I enjoy the comments here as much as the articles.

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    Yes, I've looked at it several times - have a 2011 TTiD4 Vector myself, but with 160 hp. Still like new with over 180tkm!

    The Italian's lack of heated seats is of course stupid and would definitely have to be retrofitted, but it does have Bluetooth telephone integration - I'm just thinking about having mine retrofitted. If it wasn't black (like almost all SC), it had a sunroof and a large sound system, I would seriously ponder… 🙂

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    hm 90 km, not necessarily much 😉
    Mine is an SC MY11 with 170 HP.
    With eSID2 you also have good control with the regeneration of the particle filter. And thanks to fluid film treatments, rust should also be inhibited. Now has 115 trouble-free km on the counter and should still have a few km and years to go,
    The only little but; it is a linear version. Even though it is very well equipped, the material quality of the linear seats leaves something to be desired.
    But otherwise, my 5th Saab is also the best.

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    Completely amazing. There is an almost 10 year old shop keeper and what happens? You want it!


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