A lot of Saabs in the family. An email from Max.

Characteristic for the Saab passion seems the fact that a Saab hardly stays alone. A few days ago a longer email from reader Max arrived in my mailbox. He describes how it all started and how the enthusiasm for the Trollhättan brand spread through his family. In the meantime the family is considered to be quite well looked after. Max writes the following:

A lot of Saabs
A lot of Saabs

I think it is now necessary to tell something about me so that you can get to know me a little and get an insight into my Saab world. My name is Max Heckert and at the age of 28 I am a somewhat younger representative in this world. Nevertheless, my love for the Saab has existed since 2012, the year in which I received my journeyman vehicle and switched from an Opel contract partner to a Saab service partner.

Love started a bit wooden because the world of Saab was completely new to me and not as colorful and shrill as Opel. After the first trips with various Saab, I felt an increasing feeling of affection for these vehicles. In parallel to my full-time job in the workshop, I first made my service technician and then my master car mechanic, which I received in 2017 at the age of 25. The affiliation to the Saab Service Partner unfortunately also ended in 2017, which led me to a VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat Partner. This deepened my fascination with our Saabs even more because I could now see how boring cars can be.

Back in 2013, my father was the first in the family to buy a Saab. It was a 9-5 Aero station wagon built in 2004 in silver with full equipment because he still loves and drives everyday. Then it was my turn in summer 2013. I also bought a 9-5 Aero station wagon, however, built in 2006 in steel gray metallic. For over a year I have been looking for a combination of the exterior color and the beautiful bi-color leather seats. I found it first hand in Holland.

It didn't take long before my sister needed a commuter car, what did it become? Of course a Saab 9-5 station wagon this time, but a 2005 2.2 TID in black as a linear, robust and inexpensive. A little time passed and we got our hands on a 902 convertible built in 1994 in petrol green as 2.3i. Well, it did not become love, but it can stay.

When my mother's Zafira gave up in September 2017 and had to be exported with almost 400.000 km, I had to buy a new car. Then what does the frequent driver buy? Yes a Saab 9-5, wanted found a 2002 9-5 Kombi 2.3 185PS in black with little mileage. The idea was to install an LPG gas system, as I have already done with many Saab at my time at the service partner and also drive it myself.

Unfortunately, there was probably a legal change in October 2017 with regard to the exhaust gas report. Unfortunately, this made it impossible to convert this Saab and to continue driving because it was simply too expensive. After plentifully back and forth I bought a 2003 9-5 Aero station wagon with gas system also in steel gray metallic. I will not go into the condition of the car here, it should be said that it was really a lot of work. When it was finished we sold the black 9-5. Now Mother is driving beautifully with 250PS through the world history.

The diligent watcher may have noticed that we now have 5 Saabs in the family. What are 5 Saabs, my sister's friend thought. On the hottest day of summer 2019 he bought a 2007 9-5 Vector Kombi 1,9 TID Hirsch in sapphire blue metallic in a breathtakingly good optical condition. With on-board bi-color leather seats with blue leather inlays and embossed “SAAB” lettering. So that's number 6 in the family.

As luck would have it, a 2019 2006-9 Vector Kombi 5 TID with engine problems fell into my hands at the end of 1,9. I repaired it and made an optical preparation to sell this steel gray metallic 9-5 series. There came the desire to have children and the opportunity to sell my girlfriend's Corsa within the family. Now my girlfriend drives a Saab, she never wanted it but it fell to her like that. She now likes her station wagon. A curious sight when there are 2 9-5s from the same year and in the same color on the driveway.

It's not the end of Saab number 7. To keep all the Saab running, I bought a battle 9-5 with my father, a slightly damaged 2009 Griffin 2.3T limousine as RHD (Saab No.8).

Since I have been doing my full-time business economist HWO since the beginning of the year and the course operation came to a standstill due to the Corona crisis, I had found time to start slaughtering. I have installed all the features that characterize the Griffin in my 2006 Aero, which makes it absolutely unique. All the additional equipment that I have installed over the years makes the 9-5 something very special. Subsequent refinements include: LPG gas system, auxiliary heating, coming / leaving home, fully integrated Android radio, rear seat heating, leather-covered center console and door handles, pedal rubbers from the Insignia OPC, DO88 intercooler, 314 mm front brake, Maptun Stage1 and so on too much to enumerate.

I also own and drive an Opel Calibra V6 from 1996 in its original condition, which comes from Uusikaupunki, more precisely was produced in the Valmet factory next to the Saab 900 CV. A nice side issue.

Now I've already told almost my entire life story and also made a whole contribution for the blog. Speaking of blog, I also run an Instagram Saab blog where I tell the world a lot about our Saab family and their maintenance etc. I just checked the Saab blog and is already a follower of my blog. The whole thing can be found on Instagram at “saab_heckert”And is a project on my part.

Text and photos: Max Heckert

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  • Thanks for the great comments. Papa was visiting with our convertible on the weekend and when I looked at it in the sun I got a certain affection for the color and the car. I think it will take a year or two until I have completely loved it.

  • very nice collection, another Max think 7 Saabs right?

  • Herbert - convertible

    That's right - and an extravagant color too!

  • Great story. Thank you.

    I'm just wondering what's wrong with the convertible? It's a nice car with a good engine. In the middle of all the 9-5 SC, is there a welcome change?

  • Hi Max
    Interesting story of how the SAAB virus (here, for a change, positively afflicted) “infected” you and your family. Great collection of 9-5s! I am especially happy when young people find access to SAAB! Because without offspring and consequently "aging"
    (I'm over 50) it will be difficult in the future….
    Keep Saabing, Daniel

  • Wow, here too you get dizzy in front of so many Saabs! A very charming report from a young, under 30-year-old Saab “veteran”! 🙂 That gives courage and makes the heart happy. Thank you so much!

    PS If I ever visit part of my family in Grafschaft Bentheim with one of my two Saabs, I'll keep an eye out - and I'm sure I will find it at the Saab density! 😉

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