Fresh out of the barn! A Saab 9000 Turbo 16.

The most critical day of the week in everyday life for the male representatives of the genus Homo sapiens? Definitely Sunday! You relax on the sofa, are in good spirits and surf the digital wave. The world is round. Discovered a barn find in a classified ad portal. A Saab, of course. Alarm! You have to pull it on land, save it, and it's the moment when danger threatens. For the bank and time account. And the best wife of all.

Barn find - Saab 9000 Turbo 16 1988
Barn find - Saab 9000 Turbo 16 1988

A barn find. You often read about it, but mostly it is not from a barn, but describes junk that has languished in corners for years unnoticed and is now to be silvered. The real, true finds are rare. But yes there is. And when you find them, that's cool.

Like this Saab 9000 Turbo 16

It was approved in 1988, presumably had 3 owners who treated it more or less well. One of them must have been an avid aviator, maybe a pilot. It wouldn't be surprising, because the affinity between a Saab and members of the aviation industry has always existed. In 2003 it was put away for the time being. Why is still unclear, and the Swedish upper class parked in a barn for 17 years!

The barn is now a demolition site and had to be cleared beforehand. The owner rediscovered the Saab and found it too good for the scrap press. Without a key, but with papers, he advertised the 9000. And then, on a certain Sunday afternoon, Gerard Ratzmann discovered the turbo on the Internet. Odoardo gray, in an indefinable but apparently complete state. A little over 200.000 kilometers on the speedometer, which for 9000 circles comes close to the accolade for a new car.

The Saab needs to be saved!

The rescue was quickly organized, and a transport company was hired to bring the Saab from some Hessian barn to Frankfurt. He arrived there 3 days later. In a state that cars look like after 17 years in a natural environment. You can guess the Odoardo-gray paint, small arachnids inhabit the interior and have left traces there - a sign that car archaeologists rated as good. Because wherever spiders build, it is dry and not damp. Rust only plays a subordinate role.

What is missing is the key

Of course, the key is missing to bring the Saab to life. Exchange fluids, new batteries, no problem. The key number is quickly found, then the search begins. At Saab Service Frankfurt stores a good part of the artifacts that have left several plant branches in the greater Frankfurt area. It is useful if you never dispose of anything because you could use it at some point. Just like the prehistoric key collection from Berner Strasse, which contains the key number you are looking for.

And does the 9000 Turbo 16 run?

It is the decisive moment in the life of all hunters of the barn finds. The key moment, so to speak. Does it start, or has an engine and transmission damage been brought to the yard? Anxious seconds, they feel like they're long. Then he does it. After 17 years the turbo is back and running. Breathe easy in Frankfurt!

The next goal? Turn the first lap with the Saab, drive it for an eternity. A lot has to be done to do this. The first recording of the damage: The clutch is in an unexplained condition. The brakes are firm. Then later on it comes down to business. Thorough cleaning, the absorption of rust damage. They are there, but don't seem that serious. But that's one thing for the large restoration.

The good news: The Saab 9000 Turbo 16 is 99% complete, it is not tinkered with. Nobody humiliated him with holes in the dashboard and wild attachments. It is as it was put away in 2003 as an old car with normal signs of use. A time capsule that has been preserved in a now quite rare year of construction.

We will accompany the rebirth of the 88 Saab 9000 Turbo. The project can go on for a long time, it's exciting. In the end, there could be a fascinating vehicle. An Odoardo-gray Saab 9000 Turbo 16, a pioneer that made the turbo drive and downsizing more than 30 years ago socially acceptable in the luxury car class. Today more than ever an example of Swedish cultural heritage worth preserving.

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  • Better than any thriller !!!! And there are still quite a few stories. I'm already looking forward to it. These Sunday moments are extremely dangerous indeed. I have also been tempted a few times. And keep coming up with really “stupid” ideas. With now 4 seeds and sensible friends around me, so far without any further unreasonable actions. But dreaming actual costs beautiful ...

    Greetings to the community

  • Even without the key moment, the story is great. But that the right part has been found on Berner Strasse in Frankfurt is the Oberhammer.
    Want to hear more about it.

  • Great story! I'm curious to see how this SAAB shows itself after the "resurrection" ...
    PAUL made some “bitches” afterwards, if I remember correctly. So: may the happy moments continue!
    And of course, congratulations on playing with the key moments! Wonderful! Thank you for refreshing old biology knowledge that is quickly forgotten in everyday life: in fact, spiders like it dry. This is one of the reasons why these crawlers always come into the house in late autumn ...
    All these niceties by the way make the blog so readable and lovable!

  • Very exciting. Looking forward to the sequel and the before and after pictures.

  • Crayfish in the Saab

    Deliciously written. I particularly liked the passage with the water-shy spiders (relatives of shrimp & Co). And learned something again ...

    Born from Jets - Approved by Spiderman

    Barn find, key find. The project is going well. We wish you continued success & fun with this cool box.

  • It's just great that there are these things and above all people with a heart for a piece of technology history.

    Have fun and success with the restoration.

    With warm regards from today's sunny Sparta


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