A Swede comes from China. NEVS 9-3 EV in Wallhamn.

Wallhamn is the automotive gateway to the world for Sweden. The industry processes its global exports via the port located somewhat north of Gothenburg. Construction machines, cars and buses from Volvo, heavy Scania trucks are waiting on the site. Wallhamn offers space for 17.500 vehicles, once Saab was a customer here. Now there is a reunion.

A Swede from China. NEVS 9-3 EV in Wallhamn
A Swede from China. NEVS 9-3 EV in Wallhamn

In the customs area of ​​the Port park electric cars from China that carry a lot of Swedish DNA. Exotic, rare guests. The good old Saab 9-3 seems back. At least part of it. Some NEVS 9-3 electric cars are ready for customs clearance in the port area. They cannot deny their roots, the basis can still be clearly identified. Everything has changed under the sheet. The NEVS 9-3 EV should have a range of around 300 kilometers, the electric drive 130 kW. So far no more basic data are known. The exiled Swede is produced in small numbers at the plant in Tianjin.

NEVS 9-3 EV for the test fleet

Saab romantics are now fighting with a slightly increased pulse. Does the NEVS 9-3 come to Scandinavia as an electric car, can it be bought? You may see yourself cruising through Hamburg's city on electric power alone, because what is approved for approval in Sweden could be driven anywhere in Europe. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this is not high. A look at the Swedish registration statistics supports the presumption. In 2020, no new NEVS 9-3 electric car was approved for traffic.

The demand in Trollhättan brings final clarity. NEVS had the electric cars brought to Wallhamn for the company's own test fleet. No more is planned at the moment. Short-time working has been arranged in Trollhättan itself since April 14th. By June 30, around 400 employees will only work part-time. The utilization is 40-60% of the normal capacity.

During this time, NEVS does not remain inactive and flies in masks, face masks and other aids for local facilities from China. So far, 5000 masks and overalls to fight the Corona virus have been distributed. 800 visors to protect against Covid-19 were produced in the Stallbacka using their own 3D printers and passed on to hospitals and care facilities.

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  • Not bad that you want to fully test these cars first. But if these tests are positive, I am more than interested in doing a test drive myself and when the decision is that this car can be offered in Europe; who knows to buy one;… .. ??

  • Great thanks !

  • You are visible. Sweden is the country of transparency, user guidance is somewhat ahead of the KBA pages. This one Link.

  • “A look at the Swedish registration statistics… ..”
    Are these statistics publicly available, as is the case with us via KBA? If so, I would be interested in the link.

  • Thank you for these pictures that make you longing at first glance - and at least from a distance. 🙂 And at second glance and after reading the article - as always and again and again - make you wistful. 🙁

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