The readers have something to tell. Become a guest author!

An effect of the corona crisis? Much more emails in my mailbox! Readers of all ages share their love for older cars and why they drive a Swedish vehicle. The request comes again and again “write something about it!” I am of the opinion that the best stories are told by the readers themselves!

Become a guest author, write automotive thoughts.
Become a guest author, write automotive thoughts.

Many, mostly young fans, improve and customize your Saab. The elderly invest money in value retention and restoration. The workshops are full, no matter what Corona is doing. In some places the waiting lists are long and there is something going on alongside the big stories. From the 3-D printer, there are many things that other Saab fans urgently need or simply want to have in small numbers. But don't know that it exists.

I can't cover that. But the readers can.

Saabblog has always seen itself as a platform that is open to many. But the possibilities for active interaction have been limited so far. We are currently changing that. Because other things cast shadows ahead on the blog, there has been a major update in technology in the last few days. This makes many options easier and more contemporary for bloggers and readers. The first concrete example is the option to become a guest author. Quite simply, without registration and without having to get used to the blog software.

Become a guest author, share thoughts and suggestions!

As a guest author, you can now easily describe your stories, conversions, thoughts and actions online. Images, please in good quality, can be uploaded up to 6 pieces. It should always be noted that the image rights must lie with the author.

What do we publish? Clearly, politics has to stay outside. Everything that has to do with Swedish cars, the country of Sweden, workshops, the fan scene, spare parts and crazy ideas about automotive passion is allowed in. Sustainability could also be an exciting idea. Travel and events are an issue, especially for future, better times.

Despite intensive testing in advance, the project is still in the beta phase. It also serves as a test for two of the following projects, which will go online when we have passed the beta phase. Errors cannot be ruled out 100%; if there are problems with input, uploads or the transfer, we need a feedback.

The opportunity to write as a guest author about what moves you will be a permanent feature on Saabblog from now on. I look forward to an active participation. Those who share their automotive thoughts with many people keep Saab and Swedish car culture alive.

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4 thoughts on "The readers have something to tell. Become a guest author!"

  • A great initiative, I'm really happy about it! I am excited to see what will come of it - and I will try to contribute something.
    Would you like to 'pin' the blog post somewhere more permanent, so that it doesn't slide backwards when newer posts appear, but also newcomers to the blog or those who have not looked in for a long time can find the invitation here above or on the side? That is my wish and I find the whole thing appropriate 🙂

    • blank

      We will, yes. In the next few days, the guest author invitation will be found in a slightly shortened form at the top of the navigation bar.

  • blank

    SAAB = special people buy (t) and drive special cars.
    Then there are always special stories that can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. Never boring, rather interesting and exciting!
    You're welcome! Please like to share your own experiences! 🙂

  • blank

    I would really like to see more guest authors. That could be extremely exciting, because everyone experiences something different with their SAAB. The hurdle to writing was successfully lowered today, maybe the initial spark for one or the other here on Saabblog?

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