Beauty questions? Dell doctor and more for the Saab 9000.

There has been a lot going on around the Anna project in recent months. A lot was invested in the Saab 9000. Necessary and less urgent. As is the case with an old car. Let's start with the beauty questions. The Saab has been here for 7 years and has been on the blog for 5 years. Readers who read his story of Beginning to persecuted know that he came from a neglected posture. Technically he is (almost) good now, but you can still see the effects of his neglect.

Dents and more. Beauty questions with the Saab 9000.
Dents and more. Beauty questions with the Saab 9000.

Dents! They were an issue from day one. One of the doors had a really big one. It was filled and repainted well. You can only see the difference at second glance if you know the history of the car. The many other minor dents have been tolerated to this day. They gather mostly on the bonnet, a more significant one on the tailgate. And the roof also collected a few.

Maybe the Saab was parked in the hail?

So far, the dents have not really bothered me. An old car has its history and patina. Scars that it has accumulated over the years. But now the dents should disappear, the Saab should become more handsome. My dent doctor has his company in the next place. A long time Companywith whom I have had good experiences. Now he can get to the old Saab.

He doesn't seem really enthusiastic at the beginning, but I'm wrong. He used to be a Saab driver himself, had more than one that I didn't know before. For a few days, and at a previously agreed fixed price, the Saab 9000 disappears in the beauty clinic. Rüdiger Reemtsema finds 133 dents, takes them out of the tin, and conjures up a body without dents. The Anna project looks much better when it is picked up, although the bonnet still has its patina. Now without dents.

New parts for the interior

I like the generous storage compartments in the center console. Their design seems almost visionary. They swallow every utensil, no matter how big, and take smartphones, wallets and house keys without complaint. Did you suspect in the 80s that there could be a need? The old Saabs were extremely practical cars. Modern cars have far fewer of these sensible storage options. Which is unfortunate.

Unfortunately, the subjects suffered from intensive use. They still serve their purpose, but are slightly greasy and unsightly. Is it still possible to buy them new? I have my doubts, because a lot of the 9000 has been disposed of in Sweden. But I will be surprised! In fact, both parts are (still) available in Nyköping for less money. (Saab number # 9755216 and 9714817) The installation is child's play and is done in minutes, both compartments are only inserted. Now they are new and attractive for the next 22 years.

Beauty questions solved? Only in the beginning, because there is still a lot to do. Today's little things and beauty questions are about technical matters and things that absolutely have to be done. Let's go to the workshop in Frankfurt. But stop! Before that we order some parts in Sweden.

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    Our 9000 is also out of hibernation on the road. It's always fun!

  • I think it's great that part 9714817 is still so cheap. When I was last searching on ebay, quite high prices were called up for it.

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    Unnoticed hail damage can happen again and again

  • 133 dents? All made out? Wow, the man has perseverance! The bad thing is, the professional sees a lot more dents than you yourself 🙂

  • It's always nice to see the 9000, yes, I know that too ... there is always something to do.
    I will get my 9000 Anniversery back from winter storage this week (this year all late)
    There (Saab workshop) the little things that I note down over the year are put away during the winter break.
    It's always a pleasure to move the “old” Saab for a few months, even if not that fast, it only has the 150 HP engine…. but is usually enough.

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    A nice project. I am always happy to read about it. Somehow it makes me more and more a 9000 fan. The older the better? Maybe that's the way it is. Too bad that the selection is now so thin.


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