9 year blog and 9 million readers. It's hard to believe.

There is another small anniversary to report. Yesterday the statistics showed more than 9 million readers! In around 9 years that makes a million a year, which is only half the story. Because the project has an eventful history. After the end of the manufacturer, the number of readers decreased year after year. Continuously and seemingly the clearest matter in the world. Fewer cars equals fewer readers, and at some point it's over. Or not?

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It doesn't seem that clear. in the September 2017 we registered reaching the 7 million mark. It took 19 months before April 2019 the 8 million hurdle fell. A little over a year and a half, but things became more dynamic. Because already in May 2020, after 13 months, there were already 9 million.

Something is moving!

It's hard to believe! Saab is history! Nobody brings the brand back, you see fewer and fewer of these cars on the street. Nevertheless, there are more and more readers who seem to like the topic somehow. You can't explain it completely. Who's Talking About Rover? Disappeared 15 years ago and was really history shortly afterwards. Or Lancia? This fine manufacturer, which still exists in Italy, but which has not been represented here since 2017. The brand has endured a lot, even that Fiat stuck the Lancia logo on Chrysler boxes. Lancia is only cried in camera.

Yesterday: 9 million readers!
Yesterday: 9 million readers!

Is everything different with Saab?

To be honest - I have no idea! No forecast where the project will be in a year. None at all. Actually, both topics and readers should run out and the wind should blow through the ruins of the blog project. Actually ... But life writes its own stories, and so do the trolls from the old Saab factory. They keep on working on their saga, and I am open to whatever comes and I appreciate anyone who has the nerve to read my stories.

If he has some fun doing it, then the work has not been in vain.

The next million and the 10 million thing that we may celebrate properly.

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  • Congratulations to Tom and the blog team! The success of this blog has a variety of reasons: certainly the highly professional and well-researched work of the blog team, the choice of topics, which always goes beyond the box and shows the mood of today and of course the fascination of our turbo role, and, and, and ....
    A big thank you and keep it up.
    Keep Saabing, Daniel

  • In Tom's text, the remark appears that nobody brings the brand back and there are still more readers.

    With suitable upcoming products under the direction of Evergrande, a resurrection of the SAAB brand would even make sense - who can do anything with the name Hengchi?

    So it is quite intelligent and conceivable that one can rely on the proven brand names outside of Asia
    SAAB uses. This would be awesome.

  • The comments here show everything! Saab is still alive. Through the blog, the bloggers and the loyal readership.
    Your Tom is doing a great job and we thank you with attention (and some with a blog donation ;-), sorry had to be) and interest!
    Without wanting to be considered a fantastic, I would still trust the brand today to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.
    A Saab blog party! Very nice thought !!

  • Agree everyone here. Can agree with everyone. Great blog. Always read with joy and enthusiasm.

  • Simply great, car reading at its finest! No Saab without a blog. If you like Swedish sheet metal, you can hardly come here. And that with a pinch of Volvo seems to be slowly becoming. I am glad!

  • Great numbers, great success! Congratulations. As a passionate Saab and Lancia driver, I read the blog every day and I am always enthusiastic about the contributions.

    Inspired by the Anna project, I bought a 9-5 V6 built in 1999. I know, besides the 900 II V6, perhaps the most unpopular Saab, but I think the machine is really great, animated to cruise quickly and enjoy the beautiful sound. The Saab has a wonderful substance, a few kms and is in great condition inside. Outside, it is now being prepared step by step. If interested, I will publish a small contribution on the blog.

    Happy Pentecost to everyone!

  • Respect !!! Thank you and congratulations for so many hours of work, joy, sadness and surely always fun 🙂

    The SAAB friends Thuringia remain loyal to you, of course including financial support ...

  • That is SAAB.
    You cannot explain this myth, you can only feel it.

    It would be nice if you could put on the trolls stickers again.

  • Quality is just getting through !

  • Thanks for the work

  • Thanks Tom! Keep it up! Looking forward to the 10 million.

  • Congratulations from us and thank you for the great blog. The number of readers shows the success and quality of your work and lets the brand and our Saab community live on!

  • Frankfurt would be a good place, so to speak, the blog base. Let's hope for Corona-free times until then.

  • Congratulations on these outstanding numbers!
    The main writer of the blog draws us readers into the SAAB depths ..., wonderful, continue! 🙂
    And, maybe the many clicks on the blog have something to do with CORVID-19 ... Time is sometimes (fortunately) plentiful.

  • No wonder! Super nice blog, I like to read, the Anna project is very stimulating, I will soon buy a 9K! Good luck, SAAB deserves it. A unique example of sustainability. Tom, thank you very much for the great effort!

  • I think that's a good idea! To really celebrate 10 million readers or 10 years of blog. Somewhat central in the German-speaking area (e.g. somewhere in the "SAAB-historical" greater Frankfurt area), somehow very different from the "usual" SAAB meetings and project Paul right in the middle.

  • Congratulations Tom on the blog's proud balance sheet!
    I think it's not just because of the people who love Saab cars, and therefore
    “Forego” the latest generation of cars, but also the unique ones
    Report style of your blog. Keep it up.

  • Yes, SAAB is different from Lancia or Rover. SAAB buyers have always been much more individual and SAAB has reflected this individuality very well in its cars.

    Today's SAAB drivers are also much more individual than other people.

    It's nice to see that we are replacing older drivers with younger drivers. Our cars will therefore live much longer than those of most other brands. Simply because we humans have to be different from each other in order to be ourselves.


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