Ulrika Hultgren Senior Director Corporate Communication

Back in Trollhättan and in the former Saab factory. Ulrika Hultgren takes up her position as Senior Director Corporate Communication at NEVS. She is no stranger because she held a similar position in the press department until 2017. Your return to Stallbacka after around 3 years is a surprise.

Ulrika Hultgren. Senior Director Corporate Communication
Ulrika Hultgren. Senior Director Corporate Communication

Mark and I know her from visits to Trollhättan. A few years ago, Ulrika Hultgren led us through the R&D department of NEVS for an afternoon. From department to department, an insightful tour in which the company was very open. Always by our side, patient, confident and hospitable Ulrika Hultgren. Of course, also a little as a guardian and cautiously moderating if your interlocutor seemed too open.

Your return is an interesting sign, makes you excited about what the future may bring. Hultgren will report to COO Morgan Fransson. Fransson held various positions at Saab Automobile AB. For 4 years he was head of production at Scania. In December 2013 he came back to Trollhättan. He has been a member of the NEVS Executive Board since March 1, 2014.

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2 thoughts on "Ulrika Hultgren Senior Director Corporate Communication"

  • Great! The auto industry is urgently putting more female minds in leadership positions. Very good news from Sweden!

  • The "cycle rate" of the articles increases per day ..., unbelievable.
    Every week (!) The blog shows us what high information / entertainment value it offers. And emotional SAAB spirit…
    A woman on an important floor can only be good!


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