Speculation. Do Koenigsegg and Polestar work together?

A picture on Instagram and the speculations fly. Do Koenigsegg and Polestar work together? Is there maybe a secret collaboration that hasn't been made public yet? The occasion was a photo that shows the new Koenigsegg Gemera and the Polestar Precept Concept together.

Gemera, the first GT from Koenigsegg
Gemera, the first GT from Koenigsegg

Koenigsegg published it, Polestar followed on his own Instagram account. If Koenigsegg showed the front of both sports cars, the handsome rear sections were put online in Gothenburg. There is nothing more than the brief announcement that something exciting will come from the Swedish west coast. Since then, the media has been speculating more or less offensively what could be behind the action.

Polestar, Volvo's electric subsidiary, which is not limited to 180 km / h, has Chinese financiers like Koenigsegg. The headquarters are located on Hisingen, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in China. There are a few similarities between Precept and Gemera. Both Swedish vehicles are super sporty and innovative GT with 4 seats, both should celebrate their premiere at the canceled Geneva Motor Show. And another detail catches the eye of the beholder. The light signature of the rear tear-off edge of the Precept bears a great similarity to a current one Concept ABC School Joke Oud from the RAW Designhouse, which belongs to the Koenigsegg Group.

FreeValve technology for Polestar?

During powertrain the Gemera is known, the Precept has so far been blurred. Purely electric or a hybrid hypercar? If you look at the Polestar model range, both seem theoretically possible. Even if the press text writes about a fully electric drive.

In recent months, Koenigsegg has always reported negotiating with other manufacturers about licensing the revolutionary FreeValve technology. Could Polestar be one of the possible partners? The 2 liter FreeValve Turbo with three cylinders and 600 HP power runs on the engine test benches in Ängelholm. It is more compact than conventional engines, designed for synthetic fuels, and is said to offer a consumption advantage of 15 to 20%.

Do the two currently most exciting car brands from Sweden work closely together? Admittedly, all of this is pure speculation at the moment. But seeing FreeValve technology in a Polestar would be a fascinating idea.

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  • @ Anna Maria,

    please have a look at the course of communication. Initially I only allowed myself to find the Polestar chic (more) ...

    That could have been left unmentioned by husband and wife. Two comments, two tastes. Actually, it shouldn't be a big deal.

    Maybe you have a lot of very personal experience with various forms of multiple hypersensitivities?

    Please don't pass that on to me, because I can live very well with the fact that you find another car more stylish ...

    If you cannot live with my opinion and my taste, then I am less optimistic about you than you are about me ...

    Alright. Fits perfectly.

  • @Herbert Hürsch. Sensitively it is good. But you can continue to work on yourself. I am a great optimist.

  • @ Anna Maria,

    Are you serious about your AW on my comment or is it a wink?

    Depending on that, it might also be “Getingars Färg” and I stabbed a “Getingbo”?

    Either way, “Blåkläder” go perfectly with the seats. Purely based on the driver's social status. The high prestige of blue-yellow and IKEA would also be added ...

    The Polestar would probably also be available in different colors both inside and outside, if you wanted and could ...

    I'm afraid you were serious about your AW trøtzdæm?

    Then please check that I have allowed myself a differently tasteful and unqualified comment according to your high standards.

    After all, he was winking. Just like this one. I'm not so sure about you ...

    But maybe I'm too sensitive too?

    The (superfluous) reference to the importance of the leather “Färg” to the state and the possibilities for individualization could also testify to humor, subtle irony and understanding?

    How exactly did you mean that?

  • @ Herbert Hürsch

    Evergrande-NEVS may be waiting for the next trade fair date to present the new products, for example the Chengdu Motor Show at the end of July or the Auto China at the end of September, if they are to take place.

    If, despite Corona, you have something to present ...

  • @Mr Hürsch: The yellow is "Flaggans färg". So please don't write so disrespectfully about it. The good news for you: I am sure that Koenigsegg will design the interior in every imaginable color and every possible material, if the customer explains this and is willing to pay for it.

  • @ Anna Maria,

    funny, is exactly the opposite for me - which of the two I need less than the other ...

    The cool Nordic and also the relatively matter-of-fact "conventional" doors of the Polestar even arouse certain associations with the Saab aesthetics, as celebrated with light leather, leather inserts and aluminum on the fittings and steering wheel in the recently always very white brochures, newsletters and online became.

    It could be difficult to find the right clothes to sit in light egg yolk ...

  • As already written above: No one needs. But still look fantastic. My favorite would be dreams are allowed, the Gemera. Speaks to all the senses in a special way, the Polestar is very, very cool. Too cool for my feelings.

  • Indeed, fascinating cars and speculation ...

    Maybe someday something from all of this innovative spirit and design quality will seep through to some everyday and travel-ready car?

    If I'm not mistaken, was there an article here that had announced the NEVS 9-3 for 2019 and already for 2020 a new model?

    Occasionally I wonder what they are actually doing instead? So beyond obsolete announcements ...

    Also wonder how it goes with Sono. Are they still on the radar or diving?

    • What do they do then? Sono and NEVS are testing pilot projects for their mobility services. NEVS in Stockholm, Sono in Munich's Maxvorstadt. In both cases, one can only speculate about the hardware - as well as what will happen in the coming months.

  • Both look sleek - but nobody really needs them!

    I am still waiting for the announcement of a worthy successor to our valued SAAB automobiles - a vehicle that you really want to use as an everyday vehicle. That would be good news after the long dry spell (without SAAB replenishment)!


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