More than a dream? Saab presents the new 9-5 to the press.

An international Saab event! We are writing early summer 2010. The tapes are running again. Saab shows the new 9-5 sedan to the international press. The newly resurrected automaker spares no expense. Journalists from all over the world fly to Gothenburg. In front of the airport, the Saab flags are waving in the wind, 9-5 limousines shine in the Swedish sun.

The new Saab 9-5 sedan. It will be presented to the press in summer 2010.
The new Saab 9-5 sedan. It will be presented to the press in summer 2010.

From Landvetter Airport, the train moves to Trollhättan in 9-5. The route leads over the E45 with its old, attractive route. The aim of the international journalists is the Saab headquarters, where a collection of automotive history is already waiting for the press representatives. Models from the museum's inventory are lined up at the factory. Which still belongs to the manufacturer at the time, is in public hands today. The historic vehicles may be moved, an immersion in the past of the brand is desirable.

The last big presentation in Sweden

A 9-5 limousine is available in the press center, questions are answered and information material distributed. Saab tries hard to find out what the company and the region have to offer. Dinner takes place in the Albert Kök and Konferens instead of. The best restaurant in the city - operated by former employees of the car manufacturer. In addition to its excellent cuisine, it offers a fantastic view of the Göta Älv. The most beautiful setting to end an exciting day. Hotel and restaurant are still worth a recommendation today. During a visit to Trollhättan in future, better times.

The morning after starts with an equally beautiful sunrise. A tour of the Saab factory and then the new 9-5 is already waiting on the test track. The Saab Performance Team is on site. It shows what you can do with a Saab if you prepare it a little.

The new 9-5 sedan presents itself without modifications of this type. It demonstrates in an impressive way how dynamically more than 5 meters of Saab can be on the move. HiPerStrut chassis and all-wheel drive are the magic words. The agile suspension makes it almost forgotten that there is a very large, representative vehicle on the road.

But even the most beautiful day has a conclusion. The international event ends after the event on the track. The journalists leave Sweden via Landvetter. At the time, very few of them suspect that they attended the last big presentation of Saab. The Phoenix has risen from the ashes, but it is not flying. Only a few months later the tapes stall. And when production of the 9-4x starts up, it will burn on all corners.

Heal Saab world. Back then. At least to the outside. A recording of the event was made available to the media in June 2010. The video exudes optimism, the story is great. The response from the media is surprisingly positive for a car that has been put into production in a hurry. Maybe because Saab secretly enjoys a lot of sympathy among the media.

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    @ Hans S.,

    I felt similar to you with your daughter. I would have taken a 9-5 NG SC for myself, but the overall model range was too small and the gaps were decidedly too large.

    You could have done a 9-1 with shorter overhangs on the platform of the 9-3. It might have been the best small car of its time.

    A new and slightly larger 9-3 could and should have filled the gap between 9-1 and 9-5 NG. Then it could have been something ...

    As it was in the end, there was basically only a convertible, a fairly compact station wagon (which is too small for me) and a fairly large sedan. And that from an exotic ...

    You definitely missed a viable range of models. Unfortunately …

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    Did people in Trollhättan really believe that they could save the sinking ship from sinking with a 5 meter limousine in the 45000,00 Euro plus range and the “premium hyped” German Cars as competitors?

    The 9-5NG is undoubtedly a really great car (I had one for seven years), but in an area where the air just gets thinner. What Saab has been missing for years is to offer a smaller entry-level model, a 9-1, so to speak. That would have brought some money into the till and encouraged beginners to drive a Saab. How gladly I would have bought my daughter a 9-1 Saab years ago, well, it then became a DS3

    And another story. On the occasion of the IntSaab 2010 in Switzerland, I was able to look after the stand of a large Saab representative for a few hours. There were also two new 9-5s for test driving. I explained the car to people and handed them the key to the trip. Back again I asked everyone for their impressions, conclusion: great shape, a bit big, a bit carelessly processed, quite tightly coordinated. When asked if they would buy one, most of them answered rather not, it is too big and too expensive for me.

    Unfortunately, we all know the rest.

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    … Franken Troll, you are right and nothing to add …… period!

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    I hope I can also get a good 9-5NG of my own.

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    Yes, that was my last Saab presentation in Trollhättan - unfortunately - but nobody can take away the great memories ... Thank you

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    The video shows a (for me) great marketing presence. Great when you consider how “tight” it was behind the scenes ...
    I dare to doubt whether SAAB would have used a faster e-appearance. It is clear these days that El. for consumers is ...
    Still, it's a shame how it came about.
    The 9-5 NG is still a feast for the eyes when you get to see it.
    Warming video, thanks.

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    Been around again for 10 years? Man, how time flies. I have to say that Saab has spoiled me thoroughly for all other brands. It's all just a means of transportation, but Saab was very special. That's why I'm happy every day I can drive a Saab.

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    key set

    I mean the last one about the secret symphony.

    It's just a shame that motor journalists couldn't and weren't allowed to live them more openly in time. The swan song and the obituaries of the brand read, see and hear themselves for the most part surprisingly positive, even from the perspective of die-hard Saab enthusiasts ...

    On the other hand, there was hardly a single (comparative) test of a current model at the time that clearly showed this sympathy or at least was fair ...

    I'm torn as to who to thank or blame for something - especially since media representatives in personal union have switched from character assassination to obituary, from hammers to admiration ...

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    Thanks for the report ...
    The video makes you dream something ...
    It could have been so beautiful…
    I am happy to be able to move and enjoy one of these still inspiring and design-wise successful 9-5nG ...
    A special car ...


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