The Saab 18 or the griffin? A question of design!

The Saab fans are facing a difficult decision today. You can vote in which design you want to reissue our License plate holder to wish. Because the popular version “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls” is sold out. Before we order the new production next Monday, we can agree.

Saab license plate holder. Which design is wanted?
Saab license plate holder. Which design is wanted?

The aircraft logo has been with us for many years. A stylized Saab 18 that could be seen on the speedometer display and other locations in classic brand vehicles. Her big comeback would have come with the 2012 model year. A small aircraft symbol could have been found in the line speedometer of the Saab 9-5. The Saab 18!

Saab 18 - a piece of Swedish history

The Saab 18 is a twin-engine bomber that was introduced in 1942. It is a development of the then young Swedish aviation industry - with American support. From 18, the Saab 1944 replaced the Junkers Ju 86, which Saab produced in small numbers under German license.

Images: Saab AB (5)

At almost 600 kilometers per hour, project number 18 was one of the fastest planes of its time. A total of 242 copies (or 245, depending on the source) were built in different variants and placed in the service of the Swedish national defense. From the late 50s, the Saab 18 was replaced by the Saab 32 (Lansen) replaced. Only a Saab 18 has survived to this day. It has been restored and can be used in Flyvape Museum be visited. When the museum reopens after Corona.

For us, the crucial question arises. A new edition, held in the style of the aviation tradition, with the historical plane? Or would you prefer a slightly newer design with a small griffin that is now history. Saab Automobile banned the bird more and more from 2010, in a short time it would also have been a thing of the past.

What do the readers want? Airplane or griffin? You have the choice. Vote!

B18 or griffin? What should the license plate holder look like?

  • Greif (54% 157 Votes)
  • B18 (46% 132 Votes)

Total Voters: 289

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15 thoughts on "The Saab 18 or the griffin? A question of design!"

  • Thank you for the clarification and the great info that the beauty has survived! Then I can go to sleep and calm down… 😉

  • Always. At the model launch there was a cool teaser with the line speedometer, which caused a sensation. A really nice gadget.

  • The good news: LGT 271 is alive! I even met him again in the meantime. It is in Swedish hands today, but is located outside of Sweden in a southern European country.
    All 2012s have the small plane, including the limousines, of which there were a few.

  • PS: Did all 9-5 NG have this digital line speedometer from the beginning? It already looks very chic in the photo, but I have to take a test drive live to get an idea of ​​it. 🙂

  • Thanks for the link! I find the pictures very good or completely sufficient. Now I can imagine something like that. It is simply magical how this small, old-fashioned, but perfectly designed logo was integrated into these state-of-the-art instruments as a quote from Saab's long history! Even in the head up display! Great! Anyway, do all (pre-series) SportCombis have the logo? And do I understand correctly that there never was in the limousine?

    Incidentally, this is a very sad article in the blog from early 2012. I thought that at the time people were still hoping… In retrospect, however, everything has proven to be true anyway - it is and will continue to cry and hair and just won't get better, even after all the years not. 🙁

    In any case, was the news about LGT 271 premature? Has the resonating spark of hope perhaps come true and is the jewel "still alive" ???

  • Is there actually a picture of what the small airplane symbol would have looked like in the 2012 model year of the 9-5 NG? I would be very interested!

  • I think the plane symbol is steeped in history and also very pretty, but as a younger driver of younger Saabs I can do a lot more with the Griffin personally. Since I think the saying with the cute trolls is so awesome, I would be VERY happy if it would soon be combined with the griffin. Maybe the griffin could be a little bigger and in color? I have currently on the convertible (found some time ago online) license plate holder with silver original SAAB lettering in the middle framed by griffin symbols in the original colors. Very nice - but unfortunately the scrap is cheaper. That's why I've been planning to replace this with the comments from the blog for a long time.

    So far, I simply could not choose between the beautiful alternatives of the sayings. Most importantly, I find the right saying in the back, because that's where it is read the most. So of course a reference to the blog and a clear (proud :-)) highlighting the brand name SAAB would actually be better - if the troll slogan were not so wonderful ...

    Maybe a compromise:

    SAAB - Made in Trollhättan by Trolls
    and a griffin to the left and right of it

    Or would that be too much and too full? And then there is still no reference to the blog - Herrjemineh !! 🙁

  • It's a shame, but that's the way it is.

  • What I would like would be the saying “Defenitiv Saab”, as I could see on some license plate holders.

  • "Machine to kill" or machine to protect people?
    If the Allies hadn't built “machines to kill” in the days of Saab 18, we would probably have experienced a united Europe, just under a different flag ...
    Given Sweden's peaceful direction in the last century, the answer regarding the Saab 18 should be obvious.

  • I respect your opinion and high morals Mr. Pennings. Only: Can you drive a company with this attitude that basically has its roots in the production of armaments?
    Incidentally, I see the Saab aircraft, which are subject to strict export restrictions, as a means of defense for our free world. Sweden is a neutral country. Countries that use Saab aircraft are usually peaceful and see Saab as an alternative to US ordnance and the resulting dependency.

  • B 18 has been developed as a machine for killing people. I would never voluntarily attach such a thing to my car.

  • We have thought about it several times. So that it looks good and would be historically correct, we would have to use the current Saab lettering. And we cannot.

  • Will there also be a “Move your Mind”?

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