The best Saab from Subaru. Saab 9-2x commercial USA.

What is he now? A Subaru or a Saab? The answer is easy. The Saab 9-2x is a disguised samurai and he doesn't deny his birth as a Subaru. The relationship is too obvious, far too little has been invested in visual differentiation. The result has nevertheless become quite appealing.

The 9-2x. The best Saab from Subaru.
The 9-2x. The best Saab from Subaru.

Because it came out, especially as Aero, a driving machine with a high fun factor. A Subaru with Saab logo, just not a Saab. It would have been difficult to differentiate more. The hearty boxer and its symmetrical all-wheel drive are very clearly Subaru. And by no means Saab.

Nevertheless: In North America Saab tried seriously to establish a compact offering on the market with the 9-2x. With pressure from Detroit in the background and little resistance from Sweden. The adventure ran, unsuccessfully, from 2004 to 2006. Then Carl Peter Forster, the new president of Saab Automobile AB, cleaned up and drew a line under the experiment. Because it was too obvious that there was no car from Sweden in the showrooms.

The best Saab from Subaru

The commercial flickered in 2005 on American TV channels. Like the whole car, it is somewhat haphazard. Why should the customer get behind the wheel of a 9-2x? That remains unclear. The spot gets lost with common places that could be used for any car today. And it does. It's like the 9-7x shown in May commercial, Part of "State of Independence" Campaign. There was of course nothing independent here, but 15 years later it doesn't matter anymore.

The commercial is a contemporary document. It stands for the notorious - legendary badge engineering from GM, which had already passed its zenith. Today only the rare 9-2x remains. That has never officially existed in Europe, but is worth more than just a temptation. If you love the sound of a boxer engine, but think a 911 is too ordinary, you will find it in Saab 9-2x the best Saab from Subaru for low-traffic country roads and winding routes.

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  • ... well, at least the combination form fits the 9-5 combination and also the 9-7x, but I may not understand why a lower Mitelkasse is launched in the USA and not in Europe.

    I would like to drive it, the Subaru boxer in my T-3 bus is also a lot of fun! 😉

  • “… .But holding a 911 too ordinary….”
    I like it very much.

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