Worry youngtimers? Old cars with new hoses.

Summer time is vacation time, is equal to travel time. Perhaps a little less pronounced this year. I can already see the posts in forums and Facebook groups. A Saab stranded on the highway because a radiator hose forced the car to incontinence. Then the tow truck comes, the rental car and the family mutinies in the background. One can guess the end of the story and hardly needs any imagination.

The Anna project needs new hoses and a little more
The Anna project needs new hoses and a little more

The old Saab is unreliable. He has to go. Maybe because of a rusty hose clamp that is worth a few cents. Or an old, rotten water hose that would cost a few euros. This is tragic and would have been very easy to avoid.

Stop because of the radiator hose. The classic.

The Anna project would also be a potential candidate to stay put. The 9000 is 22 years old. Before he came to me, he was only serviced rudimentarily. A typical consumption car that was replaced by its previous owner with a new VW EOS.

The turbo hoses were replaced in the meantime because I wanted to play with a 245 PS kit from Maptun. That was too delicate for me with the old hoses. The Maptun kit is also history now, an original Saab control unit the far more harmonious solution. The new hoses have remained, but the rest have been 22 years behind.

To clarify the situation, the hoses for coolers, idle controllers, heat exchangers and so on have to be replaced. In addition, everything that is available in vacuum hoses in the engine compartment and of course all hose clips. Since a major operation is waiting for the 9000 in Frankfurt anyway, the matter can be dealt with immediately.

It makes sense to use silicone hoses, then there is long-term reliability. I choose do88 as the supplier. A Swedish company that makes complete sets for the Saab 9000 cooler, Heat-exchanger and Idle controller offers. The hoses are available in various colors, I stick to the subtle original black. In the end, the invoice includes € 251,66 including freight. A breakdown assistant with a rental car costs more.

Silicon hoses from do88

A word about shipping costs. Swedish companies like to call up fantasy prices and it is suspected that the Reichspost delivers personally by horse. But this is not the case. Do88 makes the difference. The freight costs are reasonable at € 16,15. Do88 ships with UPS, the duration of the shipment is less than a week. The goods make a good impression, the hose kits are welded in plastic bags. As a bonus, there are various stickers from the provider. Do88 gets an official recommendation from my side.

So I have all the necessary parts together. The Anna project now has an appointment in Frankfurt, a bigger thing that needs to be done urgently. It was just as urgent to order and install the new hoses. How much, I don't know yet.

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    About the compelling original condition are m. E. Lots of rumors floating around. But there is also a lot of room for interpretation and actually very meticulous examiners ...

    Conversely, there have always been conversions and tuning. And there are examiners who wave through the H license plate everything that 1. is roadworthy and 2. something like that could have been built 30 years ago.

    Drilled engines, lightened flywheels, electronic ignition instead of the old distributor with mechanical break contact, etc.

    Specialists in historical motorsport (such as Buttkreit for Volvo) make a lot possible and always get it through. Even self-welded exhaust systems for the “new” more powerful engine based on the old one. Logical, because the exhaust could have been welded 30, 40, 50 or 60 years ago. Or modify the chassis like this or something like that.

    The expertise of the ex-Saab partners will inevitably take a very steep learning curve or have already taken it. The number of “new cars” in the customer database is shrinking and classics are being added every day. The cooperation with inspectors is traditionally very close anyway - be it to wave to the customer every two years as part of the inspection by the TÜV, or to let them enter something (deer or coarser) ...

    This certainly applies to hoses, additional coolers, struts or whatever. The right workshop and the right company (with the right inspector at hand) help reliably through the jungle.

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    Is this hose set also available for the 9-5 3.0t V6, built in 1999? Who knows what?
    Thanks and regards
    Hans S.

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    Thank you very much for your answer! Then I will take a closer look at it and consult do88.

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    But no, why? If you have a 900 vacuum cleaner, you can be happy that its motor is less expensive, so it is easier to keep under control. In addition, water coolers and some cooler hoses can also be used for ventilation, heat exchanger, expansion tank, drainage and vacuum hoses! For those with trailer operation or constant mountain road use, who could have an oil cooler installed in the vacuum cleaner ahead of time, can also make use of this. I have also equipped one with success!

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    Too bad, for the classic 900 do88 only seems to serve the turbo engines. Which in the end will not prevent me from continuing to use my GLi on longer vacation trips ...

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    Super nice photo from the 9000. Shines like new! Should you change the hoses prophylactically after 20 years?

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      Thank you! I would advise. How necessary the exchange was can be read in the next part of Anna's story.

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    Hello, also drive a 9000 CSE, automatic, Bj. 96, Business Edition. Can you order a complete set from do88, would it not be necessary to search for the individual parts, or is it possible to get the order list by PN? Saabige Regards, Th.

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      There are 3 kits for the case described. Order numbers are do88-kit86s (heat exchanger), do88-kit95s (idle speed controller) and do88-16s (cooler). Only the turbo hoses are missing and you would be complete. Hose clamps came from the workshop in Frankfurt, vacuum hoses are sold by the meter.

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    In fact, do88 offers very good quality products.

    In addition to complete silicone hose connection sets of all kinds, including enlarged aluminum water coolers and intercoolers for almost all Saab models, except probably for the 9000 series, where the offer is based on hoses only, unless otherwise in preparation. For the 901, it now even has the oil cooler with complete hose connections and its connections in the range, a really worthwhile conversion.
    I have successfully equipped some of the classic cars with it. The longevity of these products will only become apparent over time.

    My future question regarding these accessory products will relate to the TÜV or MFK approvals of upcoming classic cars such as the 901 or occasionally even over 30-year-old 9000s:

    Are these partially enlarged accessory coolers and, among other things, perhaps also strikingly red and blue colored hoses (the black ones are glossy and not matt like the OE hoses) accepted by do88 and other suppliers, as it strictly speaking no longer corresponds to the original condition of the vehicle?

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      Good question - no definitive answer. Larger coolers were already available at the production time of the 9000 or 900, as were more powerful intercoolers. So it's not a problem. Colored hoses could definitely be an issue for a meticulous appraiser. Therefore it is better to stick with black goods.

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