The Griffin or the Saab 18? The readers voted!

Our vote is over. The readers decided what we should order. You had the choice between the traditional Saab 18 aircraft and the griffin. The vote in favor of the mystical bird was much tighter than expected. So we're changing the design. But friends of the traditional airplane symbol don't have to be sad.

Our Saab license plate holders. We change the design.
Our Saab license plate holders. We change the design.

The redesigned under license plates with the "Made in Trollhättan by TrollsSlogan will fit seamlessly into the design line of the other license plate holders. The new edition should be available in a few days and can then be ordered by email. The Saab 18, a historic airplane from the 40s, does not completely disappear from our radar.

B18 or griffin? What should the license plate holder look like?

  • Greif (54% 157 Votes)
  • B18 (46% 132 Votes)

Total Voters: 289

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Because the Saab 18 is coming again, then as a limited edition. After the summer break, with a new slogan. A Saab advertising slogan from the rich past of the small brand from Västra Götaland. Suitable for classic Saabs and for fans of the aviation tradition. Stay tuned!

A thought too "The Griffin or the Saab 18? The readers voted!"

  • A scarce result. But the majority are for the proud bird!


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