What matters more than originality? Saab 93B De Luxe.

Patina, original condition. This is the stuff that many automotive dreams are made of. Originality is becoming increasingly important in the scene. A Saab 93B De Luxe that can fulfill these wishes is called up during the summer campaign for collector vehicles. It is so wonderfully original.

A Saab 93B De Luxe
A Saab 93B De Luxe

Its paintwork is said to be the first, the Swedish license plates are also. The Saab was built in 1959, under its hood is a small but personable two-stroke engine with 3 cylinders. Its sound alone brings tears of joy to the eyes of many fans. It's the old troll sound. He fell silent to be replaced by the whistle of the turbocharger. But has not been forgotten until today.

In the case of the Saab 93B De Luxe, the sound is additionally enhanced by a soothing sports exhaust. Heart, what do you want more? The little Saab is in its original condition inside and out - with a very nice patina. Its signs of use stimulate the imagination that they could tell stories. And they make the car unique. The seats have holes in the covers, the covering is also from 1959. Covered with a stylish ceiling, you can leave it in this condition, or repair it. The Saab Museum could even help out with the original fabric.

1959 was the last year of construction with the "suicide doors" hinged on the back. The 93F followed in autumn with the doors hinged at the front. It was the intermediate model on the way to Saab 96.

The charm of the Saab 93B De Luxe

The two-stroke Saab is the safe entry ticket for every classic rally. Every Porsche, Mercedes or VW Beetle would usually be against him. It evokes the memory of the unforgettable Erik Carlsson and his legendary success. The wonderful sound from three cylinders makes even electric car drivers soft. Its patina and the stylish interior, which comes from a different time, make it desirable.

The auctioneers price the 93B between the equivalent of € 11.500 and € 13.500. It is quite possible that the charming Saab during the Auction reach that price, and will skip. The uncertainty is the current corona situation. If you are interested in a rare contemporary witness that has not been restored to death, you should keep an eye on the course of the auction.

It is hoped that the Saab 93B De Luxe will find the ideal buyer. Who would not restore it with perfection and rob it of its identity. It is carefully preserved, preserved and moved regularly.

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9 thoughts on "What matters more than originality? Saab 93B De Luxe."

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    Thank you Tom,

    From today's perspective it is fascinating what was defined as “De Luxe” between 1959 and 1972. Or rather, how little it took. Either way, a really cute car.

    I find the fittings (apart from the contemporary radio) surprisingly modern for 1959. They could also be almost 10 years younger.

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    De Luxe

    Does anyone know what that stands for? Is this really upscale? And what is the difference to the base if necessary?

    I had a De Luxe from Volvo that was about 13 years younger than me. There were actually extras in there. But apart from a Blaupunkt (mono, of course), a clock and a small lamp each in the trunk and glove compartment, he had nothing ...

    Yes, I remember that he had a second loudspeaker centrally in the parcel shelf. And in addition to the radio, there is even a rotary control to move the volume between the front right and the center rear.
    The loudspeaker in the back (also Blaupunkt) was slightly larger and more pleasant than that in the dashboard.

    Maybe it was just that in the Volvo? A light, the clock, a second speaker?

    What makes the difference between the basic and luxury version in the Saab 93?

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      Especially chrome in contrast to the standard models. In some markets like North America, there are even fancy whitewall tires (!).

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    The radio is awesome.

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    I am pleased that Mr. Hürsch is also back on the blog here.
    You must have fun writing here!

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    Mr. Hürsch, against requires the accusative 😉 when used correctly

    I think the condition of the 93b is just as excellent - that's how it should be, and that's how it should stay. Thanks for the link, Tom!

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    What a cute little charm! ! !

    If he had fur, it would be an automotive teddy bear. He will surely get into good hands and get lots of pats there.

    If I could, I would bid for both of them. The aero the other day and this one spans 40 years of Saab history. A dream couple and the right car for every occasion - except for winter.

    That would be sacrilege with both offers. But I would have a suitable sacrificial anode for everyday use, salt and split in the yard. Against all financial sanity, you start pondering ...

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    Impressively old sheet metal and very stylish! Blaupunkt radio in particular is a feast for the eyes. Much nicer than the overloaded and animated flood of advertisements of the present (and the future).

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    A beautiful car and I just find the 2 strokes special! Unfortunately I was not able to pick up my 93F due to border closure, which I can finally do next Friday.

    The dents on the 93F were removed and the original paint was retained. The small damage in the interior has been carefully repaired and the patina has been preserved for over 60 years.

    There was an overnight kit for 2 at SAAB. I am looking for that and maybe someone has it and I can have it reproduced identically.

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