A new cylinder head gasket for the Saab 9000

Today there is an extensive campaign for the Saab 9000. The Anna project receives a new cylinder head gasket, all hoses in the engine compartment are replaced. The operation was foreseeable. Because the Saab's engine blog had been slightly oil-damp for several years. The motto was to watch. Take action when it becomes acute.

The Saab 9000 Anna project. An extensive campaign is pending.
The Saab 9000 Anna project. An extensive campaign is pending.

The first symptoms appeared 5 years ago. Harmless, a damp oil mist in the area of ​​the ZKD. The screws were tightened in Frankfurt and there was advice to keep an eye on the matter. It went well for some summers. In 2018, the 9000 treated itself to half a glass of water for the cooling system in midsummer. 2019 also.

The “breakthrough” came in winter 2019/20. The oil moisture increased, the time to act had come. A further wait would have been dangerous for the engine and irresponsible to the environment. Old cars yes, environmental mess no. So that the operation really makes sense, I still order Silicon hoses for the Anna project. Do88 delivers quickly, the 9k comes to the Saab Hospital in Frankfurt for a few days.

A new cylinder head gasket after around 22 years is no exception. But it is not the rule either, there are older Saabs with absolutely dry engines in my hall. Why it affects one engine, but not another, cannot be understood.

Test drive. A connector does not withstand.

Saab Service Frankfurt works fast. The new cylinder head gasket is not a big deal, nor is the exchange of the hoses and the associated clamps. In addition, all vacuum hoses are replaced. They are inexpensive sold by the meter and the exchange was necessary, as I see when looking through the porous old parts. In the course of the work, some small parts will be replaced. In the past two decades, a number of attachments to the insulation mats and the cladding in the trunk have been lost. They are all supplemented, the torn paneling of the water tank is replaced by an undamaged used part.

A new cylinder head gasket and new hoses for the Anna project
A new cylinder head gasket and new hoses for the Anna project

The cylinder head gasket was necessary. Likewise the preventive exchange of the hoses. The first test drive after the operation is completed shows how advisable it was. A still original connector does not withstand the pressure of the new hoses. It bursts for the first few kilometers and will also be replaced after returning to the workshop.

The theory of preventive exchange has thus been confirmed. 20, 22 years are enough and time for new, safe silicone hoses. They are primarily recommended for turbo engines that are subject to higher thermal loads. But owners of classics with naturally aspirated engines should also get used to it.

How does the retreaded Saab drive? The engine is quieter, which can be assigned to the new hoses. The feeling is better, more trusting. What has to do with psychology? The story of the Anna project is not yet finished. There is always something to do, even if it is small things. And Anna keeps rolling. She is only 22 years old.

11 thoughts on "A new cylinder head gasket for the Saab 9000"

  • @Volvaab Driver:

    I understand, then my K-Jetronic is rather middle-aged.

    I Agree!

  • @ Emil Elch,

    my comment was related to the D-Jetronic from 50 years ago. I don't want to have said anything about your 36-year-old injector.

    But I remain with my consent to the article. Hoses and their durability are always an issue. Even if they are well laid and there is no turbo anywhere.

    Can we agree on that?

  • @Volvaab Driver:

    As the driver of a “really bad” old injector that still has its original injection lines after 36 years, I can't quite understand the displeasure. But I'm already used to the slightly derogatory tone on the Internet compared to the turbulent “old boxes”. In reality, standing or driving with my car in front of strangers and my own eyes, strangely enough, I have never received such jovial comments even after years.

    As far as I know, these injection lines are not simply available by the meter - rather, a specialist with the three letters offers self-developed reproductions in steel braided in the lower three-digit price range. And before the old-fashioned advice comes in - yeah, I'll convert to these steel braided lines as soon as possible. Simply to have peace :-).

  • “Motorblog” is a very nice and charming prescription on a Saabblog.

    And it's true, hoses and seals are just as much an issue for vacuum cleaners as they are for turbos. Often very long before the end of 20 years.

    The problems in terms of pressure and thermal load are in principle not inferior to the turbo - depending on the hose and installation.

    Old injectors are very bad. 10 bar pressure through the petrol pump and then (petrol) hoses over the hot cylinder head / red-hot manifold. This was normal for many brands and so came as the youngest (and fire-prone) scream in engine management from the renowned and dominant supplier Bosch in Europe.

    If you have such an old box, you should at least change the crucial cm hose every 2 years rather than every 20 years. Is by the meter and not a problem.

  • That fits the price. With hoses and the additional effort, Frankfurt is a bit below. Anna's gearbox is (still) dry and I hope it stays that way.

  • We also had this operation performed on our 98 Anni last year. ZKD, head planning, hoses, etc
    Free workshop -> 2k. After that there weren't any drops of oil under the car for a few months. After all, the drip point has changed (more on the transmission side).

  • Thank you, I'll have a look this evening 🙂

  • I can only make a rough estimate, since there are other items on the invoice. You should calculate between 1 - 1.2 k.

  • Thank you Do88 has almost everything for hose kits for the 9-3 floor. Including a very nice LLK, very similar to the no longer available from Hirsch.

  • For the picture above you did a lot of work 🙂
    Are there such sets for the Saab 9-3 I Bj. 2002 Cabrio? Mine is now 18 years old, so it comes in the period where it is advisable. Would want to wait until next year, as I have just issued 5 body care and maintenance notes.

  • Is it presumptuous to ask how much such a repair costs?


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