The eternal dream car from Sweden. Saab Aero X 2006.

Even after 14 years, it is still a dream car. The Saab Aero X. A sports car that was born in 2006 as a study. A technology carrier that anticipated the restart of Saab. Many of his design elements were later found in new models.

Saab Aero X.
Saab Aero X.

The year 2006. Hard times were behind Saab. Downsizing, cost reduction. Disorientation. Everything should get better now. Carl Peter Forster drove the restart of the brand and one of the most impressive signs was the study of the Aero X. Designed by Anthony Lo, presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2006.

All-wheel drive like the Turbo X, with a charged 2.8 liter V6 under the hood. The only difference is that the Aero X delivers 400 HP and not 280 as in the Turbo X. However, this requires ethanol in the tank and no fossil fuel. The highlight of the Aero X, in addition to its carbon fiber body, is the completely lifting cockpit. No normal doors. Also no wing doors like some super sports cars clear the way into the interior. No, like the plane, the entire cockpit cockpit goes up.

Saab Aero X. Born from Jets.

Iced blue headlights later became a design feature at Saab. Right before the end. The interior of the future was already visible in 2006. The instrumentation and the center console showed the way to the new 9-5 generation and the 9-4x. Also the successor to the 9-3 series. Had it been a little more time, the interior of the Saab generation from 2010 would have been given the futuristic touch of the Aero X. A drama that didn't stand a chance.

Today the Aero X is in the museum in Trollhättan. One can say that it is one of the highlights of the historical Saab collection. His fascination has remained unbroken even after 14 years, and will continue to be so. As a consolation, there remains the indication that Koenigsegg is playing more with Saab design quotations.

The new a Gemer has only double doors, no cockpit elegantly rises. But its passenger compartment is more of a cockpit than part of an earthbound form of transportation. Saab design language is not dead, has found a niche here. This can reconcile the fans with the present.

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  • For that I would do without a lot of other things. For me it was an eternal dream and at the same time the proof that our small smithy from Trollhättan could have achieved great things. So much of it that GM would have earned a golden nose. It's a shame if bad management gives away so much potential!

  • At that time it would have been my car for which I would have accepted debts to my ears and would have kept it for my whole life.

  • Thanks for the AW, Tom.

    Then I must have seen the fascinating one-off and have a look at old vacation photos.

    Saab designs that were contracted to GM?
    How sad is that?

    VM obviously had little scope and scope for design. I would be extremely interested in a recent interview with him. Better yet, he wrote an entire book and wrote everything off his soul. Would be exciting and informative.

    During his rescue attempt, he was probably forced to make a good face at a bad game. Optimism was his job and Saab's last chance ...
    Since he had little space, time or nerves to criticize GM.

    I would find the retrospective realism, facts and internals damn exciting. Even if you can already imagine that it would result in a lot of criticism of GM. I would still like to read them.

  • The Aero X is in the Saab Museum - definitely and theoretically ready to drive. Muller did not consider manufacturing. The designs of the time no longer belonged to Saab itself, they were parked at GM. So: no chance.

  • I suspect we missed the pre-order phase. Unfortunately, dreams don't come true, at least not these.

  • The Aero X is further evidence that Saab could deliver timeless design to perfection. The whole thing peppered with innovative technology. If Koenigsegg developed together with Polestar, the step for another manufacturer, let's call it Saab, would not be too far away 😉

  • The car is just a dream, harmonious all around, great design. The continuous light strip at the rear in particular is copied by many manufacturers today. I am proud of my AeroX models in 1:18 and 1:43 as well as the personal photos from the museum. Just sad what happened then.

  • Do you know if VM has ever considered manufacturing?

    Such a sports car must have burned him like fire under its nails with its background, right?

    As a study of the future face (grill, headlights and so on), the X also went perfectly with NG, 9-4X & Co., would have fitted well in the brochures and model range.

    I was not even aware that there was a drivable and fully functional prototype. Can it be that this unique piece of priceless value is not in the museum at all?

    I was there and remembered it so much that I would only have seen a model, a design study but not a working car. Am I wrong?

  • With this real SAAB story in the background:
    how must the motor journalists who attended this presentation in Geneva 2006 feel today ???
    Proud, cool, happy or just “was a normal working day” ...
    That this AERO X became a drivable reality is one of the most impressive achievements of the SAABians! I have never seen or experienced such a study (!). This study would have been an instant (!) Hit in the dealers' showrooms if ...
    The next time I visit Sweden, the museum in Trollhättan is on the to do list: watch AERO X. 🙂
    Thank you for this emotional report including a movie.

  • Tom,

    I must have just overlooked the information. Where can I order / buy / pick up?

    Dream car? Why can't some dreams come true?

    This car like e-drive today can go through 1: 1 in a showroom as a new car and not as a 14 year construction.

    So ... WHERE is the showroom. No, the museum doesn't count

  • Wow,
    still an eye catcher. An extremely cool exclamation mark from the brand. You start dreaming! What would have been possible …….
    My last two oldies are now 31 and unfortunately we are separating from at least one of the two remaining of our small collection. It seems like an eternity with SAAB is coming to an end. When I see such pictures, it hurts, how I would have loved to have a newer SAAB on the other side of the Atlantic! But maybe we will keep one last one. I will definitely stay true to the blog, with or without SAAB.

    Best regards from Erik

  • Only one word:

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