Crazy Sweden! A Saab 9-5 NG Aero in new car condition.

Ten years ago, the first Saab 10-9 of the new generation rolled off the assembly lines. The car became a cult. Probably also because of the dramatic events in the background. The Saab is stable in value and sought after. Now a Saab 5-9 NG Aero has appeared in Sweden, which is just 5 kilometers on the display.

A Saab 9-5 NG in new car condition

The images from the ad Blocket are bad. Loveless, and actually a real impertinence. The Saab 9-5 is photographed in parts, as if the seller has no desire to get rid of his Saab. The sedan has only 4.870 kilometers on the clock and is therefore a rarity. In addition, the large Saab has an almost optimal configuration.

An agile 2 liter engine in BioPower version, automatic transmission, aero equipment, great navigation, muted color. Luckily, the panorama roof and a head-up display are missing. The latter could be retrofitted if you get the parts. The owner also gave the Saab extensive protection against rust and only moved it in summer. A true enthusiast car.

Crazy Sweden! The Saab should cost € 42.700,00!

The owner's asking price of 450.000 Swedish kroner should make some interested people shudder. You are used to a lot in the Saab 9-5 NG segment. The prices for good cars are stable to increasing if there is no diesel under the hood. But the equivalent of € 42.700,00 for a 10 year old car? That sounds tough. Even if the mileage is so low.

Maybe the seller doesn't want to sell at all? It may be a political price that makes the family quiet, according to the motto you really tried it. Maybe there is one or the other Saab around too much, that happens in certain circles from time to time. But is speculation!

The bare truth would be that the Saab 9-5 NG Aero BioPower is not that expensive. A few weeks ago, another Saab 9-5 NG, with a low mileage but much more than the vehicle offered, changed hands for around € 40.000,00. He went to one of the neighboring Scandinavian countries, the buyer must have been worth a 9-5 in the year car condition.

It is not excluded that this de facto new car leaves at the desired course. The world of Saab is crazy, for some top models in good condition and with low mileage, prices have been climbing for a long time. Especially when it comes to Aero, a lot seems to be possible.

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    Hello everyone from the Baltic Sea.

    Of course, the 9-5 NG is worth the money.
    I can remember that a 9-7x Aero (there was only in Germany) in the best condition was sometimes offered for 50000, - €.
    However, I can no longer say whether he bought it or whether it is still standing.
    So if it weren't for the announcement of the next generation, that would be my car.

    Greetings from the Baltic Sea

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    Exactly, fortunately the tastes are so different - otherwise we would all “juggle” for the same models and equipment. I have just had some aero details retrofitted to my Griffin Cabrio (no Aero, see above): the silver fog light surrounds on the Griffin Aero apron and the Hirsch leather door handles and handbrake lever trim (all fancy!). But of course the spoiler would NEVER get into my house or on my hatch! 🙂

    A nice weekend to all spoiler friends and opponents! The main thing is Saab!

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    @ Andre T.,

    well observed. I also notice - due to your hint and a second look - that the offer probably comes from a modern settlement or from the edge of one. Serial buildings can be seen. Terraced houses or even multi-family houses in a uniform color ...

    It reminds me of something. Maybe Ove is still alive? But maybe his or a woman who ticks very similarly and sells her NG with a heavy heart?

    Either way, an exciting offer. Does the blog report on the outcome of the auctions mentioned here?

    The tension is enormous and already covers around 50 years of Saab history. All great and desirable objects.

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    How nice it is that the tastes are different. I really wanted to have the spoiler on my 9-3 Cabrio. And yes, this can be upgraded to the original at any time, even if the original lid probably only takes up space forever.
    In contrast, I can not imagine a spoiler with the 9-5 because I find the rear in the original aesthetic.
    I did a wanted (not) sale for a 9-4X with a successful non-sale. After all, I had tried

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    Hello everybody! I also think that the Saab is worth the price. In the meantime there are hardly any 9-5 aeros with low mileage. It is a particularly beautiful car. Cars with low mileage have their high price and are becoming increasingly rare. Last year at the Saab Car Museum Festival I became weak and bought a 9-3 Aero Cabriolet from 2001 with original 7900 km from collector's hand. Also at a crazy price! But I haven't regretted it for a second and am currently enjoying the convertible on the Mallorca Hamburg and back route.
    It is very nice to see that new Saabs appear every now and then from collector's garages.!

    Other manufacturers also have high prices for new youngsters or rare models.
    Greetings to all Saab friends Andreas from Hamburg

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    It's a shame that such demonstration vehicles are no longer in Saab car dealerships.

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    Tom I'm sure you're right. Was also my first thought and I was not yet at the passage of text with the family.
    A second Saab can also be seen in a photo.
    Greeting André

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      Exactly, that suggests the thought. A Saab for nice days, one for everyday life. Or a winter Saab. We all know that.

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    Or "my husband"! 😉 But honestly, they are usually more tolerant. In any case, mine has nothing against my two Saabs, but is happy about it. 🙂

    I see it like Tom: The NG should be worth the price. If it were a (non-existent) hatchback version with a sunroof, I would be tempted.

    Speaking of which: a (normal) sunroof could be easily retrofitted, right? On my 9-3 SC I will soon have it done by our friends in Kiel.

    Basically on the question of whether or not aero (does not apply to this offer): With the NG, I can understand the preference for the aero equipment. For other models, however, it would be more important to me (in view of the limited selection of good used ones of our favorites and because there are no more configurable new cars) the condition of the body, no (hidden) rust, care condition, maintenance history, extras that cannot be easily retrofitted can, and - last but not least - the color. Many desired extras can be retrofitted. For example, I also enjoy building something nice every year and “sprucing up” the treasures a little. It's always a great pleasure and also a lot cheaper than buying a new car every few years.

    Personally, I just didn't want an aero in the convertible because I find the spoiler on the tailgate so ugly (and some other equipment details too). But of course everything is a matter of taste.

    All Saab fans a nice weekend with sunny trips! 🙂

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    That’s definitely another one: “my wife said I should sell it” - ad: D, who would be willing to give such a car voluntarily?


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