Europe without borders. Polish Freight Forwarders Week.

Would I have ever thought that I would miss her? The white vans with Polish license plates? With the preliminary climax of the Corona crisis, the barriers in Europe went down. Almost all borders were now tight. The German Autobahn suddenly without the busy carriers from Poland. So I had a problem ...

There is no UFO parked next to the Saab 9000. A garden pond from Poland.
There is no UFO parked next to the Saab 9000. A garden pond from Poland.

Actually, I admit they are annoying. These white vans, often with trailers on the way. Always felt a bit too fast, too often in the fast lane, not keeping enough distance. Yes, they drive under time pressure. And they are not paid well. They do what they have to do to feed their families. Very few have chosen this job.

Small freight forwarders, as their disappearance during the lockdown shows, are an indispensable part of the European lifeline. The bypass beyond the world of large routes and containers. If you fall away, many things will no longer work. Because they carry the most incredible things.

This week I received two visits from Polish teams. I had to wait an unexpectedly long time for this, and Corona really messed up my schedule for this year.

On Tuesday, one of the white vans delivered a garden pond. Made of GRP, made in a very small town around 50 kilometers west of Gdansk. It will become a shelter for a few waterbound beings. A longer, not easy story. It is not relevant, but at this point I want to do some advertising for likeable people in our neighboring country.

Because the ponds are of high quality, not too expensive, and the service is recommended. But above all, you buy a product that was made in Europe and you buy it directly from the producer. This is how you secure a few jobs in the European home in these not so easy times - which is also necessary.

One freight forwarder has been discussed with the garden pond, which is currently parked in the carport next to the Anna project. Now, after a long time, there is another tension. Long-time readers know what is happening! A new project is announced. Delayed by a small, nasty virus.

Corona makes the borders tight. And I have to wait.

The other Polish team, much more interesting for the readers, arrived here the night before. It had a surprise, besides brands not worth mentioning, loaded a Saab. A car I've been waiting for for months.

The “new” came to Germany only when the borders were opened. The prehistory started in autumn 2019 and then developed very differently than planned. Mainly because of Corona - the virus paralyzed everything. In the end, the story took place in two countries, and people of three nationalities were involved.

The new project goes online after the summer break. Two authors are currently writing the series of articles for the launch, which is also a first. A Saab purchase with a number of obstacles. The story is profound and shows how complicated it is to get the Saab of your dreams. At the same time, it is European, across countries, because it tells how people who did not know each other help and trust each other in the crisis. Together they bring enthusiasm for a small brand from Sweden. Saab!

But the new series of articles is far from a fair weather story.

Because unfortunately there will also be negative things. The storyboard creates real life that is not an ideal world. A Saab workshop in Baden-Württemberg does not get away well. Surprising because I'm used to good treatment. What will have to do with the fact that I will write the blog. Yes, you are privileged now and then. I admit that. Now I could learn what could happen if you didn't want to buy a used car from Trollhättan as a Saab blog.

But tried it as an unknown customer ...

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  • I like Poland, country and people. I'm curious to see what the UFO is all about. Because the real Unknown Flying Object of this article is not the well-made and solid garden pond, but the teasered Saab ...

    If it is only half as good as my neighbour's new metal fence (excellently manufactured in Poland, very accurate foundation and set by Poland in plumb line, scale and line, then it simply has to be a great Saab in good condition.

    Sadly, by the way, neighbors' new fence coincides with the time when Corona closed the border. I hope that the fitters and their families survived this break.

  • Very speculative. What the Poles are driving around the country, even new Saabs. It is of course once again common that things only continue after the summer break. According to Saab factory holidays, that would be from August 15th. Can I stand it for so long and am I right with the estimate?

    • Right, the factory holidays ended in mid-August and the new model year began. We go online about this date.

  • Very nicely written, I'm curious what will come


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