Blog subscription ends on June 30th. New newsletter system.

Time to say goodbye! The free blog subscription ends on June 30th. On this day, our subscribers receive the last notification of new posts. Then it's over, a long-standing tradition ends. The subscription function has accompanied us for almost 10 years, it still dates from the early days of the blog.

New newsletter system on Saabblog

Recently the system grew to more than 1.300 subscribers, but unfortunately it was no longer up to date. Not enough to manage for our needs, there were no choices for readers. We have therefore decided to stop the service.

New newsletter system

The blog subscription does not remain without a successor. We have chosen a newsletter system that meets our expectations and the needs of the readers. Important to us: Subscriber data is on our server, which is located in Germany, and only we are in control.

Since the project is constantly changing, new topics are added and old ones go, we want to be flexible for the future. From now on, the readers can put together their desired topics, which remains of no interest from the mailbox outside.

Newsletter abonnieren



What do subscribers have to do now?

The blog subscription will continue unchanged until June 30.06.2020th, XNUMX. Existing subscribers do not have to unsubscribe from the database, but they can. The service will be discontinued and there will be no further emails from this system after the deadline.

If you want to stay informed, you have to act. We have decided, also for legal reasons, not to transfer the email addresses from the old system into a new database. Anyone who wants to be informed about posts on Saabblog after the cut-off date should register again.

14 thoughts on "Blog subscription ends on June 30th. New newsletter system."

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    Nice! It's the other way around for me. I have only been with Saab since 2018 and have just given my 20-year-old Lybra. If you still think Saab is expensive and difficult to maintain, nowadays you should own a Lancia outside of Italy. So, the stove is over for me. Saab is enough 😉

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    Thank you very much. In my opinion, that is a good compromise. I probably belong to the traditionalists who are happy about a tidy mailbox and such options for topic delimitation. Koenigsegg is just not my collar size and NEVS interests me more marginally. That's why I “only” chose Saab and Volvo. Thank you for your great work!

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    Tom, thank you for your explanatory words, of course a change makes sense and offers added value!

    PS As a friend of yours said: Writing (& reading) a Saab blog is hardly “up to date” these days, just like reading long analyzes in the shade of a fruit tree, where there is so much “premium” news as well as short clips Interpretation sovereignty on every topic are available everywhere - maybe that is exactly part of the charm of the Saabblog: it falls from the excited and fast-moving times, does not want to convince anyone of anything and certainly not sell anything.

    Thanks for that!

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    I think it's good.

    The blog can use the choices to see what makes the readers really tick ...

    To be honest, I also came across NEVS and other things at some point in the very long and aspect-wise grief phase around Saab.

    And if I am even more honest, I was always interested in everything that was told and reported here about NEVS, Volvo, Sono, Koenigsegg and Evergrande.

    Subscribers have a choice. Grumbling does not count. Self is the reader. That can't be bad at all ...

    And I dare to predict:
    The majority do not deselect a topic and if you do so, the majority will read one or the other, maybe even all articles from the deselected topic.

    Maybe there will be statistics about this at some point?

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    I get an error when trying to subscribe
    404 Error

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      That should not happen. If the message is permanent, please send an email to info @…. We are happy to do the registration.

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    Sorry James, but what is “more complicated and therefore more unstable” about it when I enter my name and email address and then tick which of the 5 topics I am interested in? It's a matter of 30 seconds and that's good.

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    Thanks to Tom and team for the exciting reading, the information about what makes our world tick. The issues surrounding Saab still touched me. The epicenter was Saab. For decades he was an enthusiastic driver, companion of this scene in various models. Now at 70 I am comfortably moving an older Lancia Musa. I let it go and wish all the best and continued success. Best regards, Raimund from Salzburg.

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    I registered, although not with enthusiasm.

    The new software that you are using is a good example of how everything becomes more and more complicated and therefore less stable.

    If I get an email alerting me to a topic on the blog and I don't care, I can simply delete it and it is good.

    From time to time a reader is interested in another topic, thanks to the mail he has been made aware of everything so far. If I want to keep this, I have to subscribe to various newsletters.

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      The new newsletter is a result of what ends up in my mailbox every day. Not all readers see the choice of topics as relaxed. Traditionalists, for example, find it unreasonable to report on the current situation in Trollhättan. You always tell me this very clearly in the corresponding emails.

      We take this into account with the new options. It is clear to all of us that we cannot please everyone. Ultimately, the new system is also a compromise, but a good one.

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    Hi Tom,
    if I understand it correctly, does the new system offer the advantage that the inbox of the subscribers who are not interested in all topics should be relieved?
    Which is why I ask: I don't understand the word “contemporary”, isn't it just as inflationary and empty of content as “premium”?
    Saabige greetings

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      Of course, “contemporary” comes from the premium box. But in this case it does well. The old system did not allow for problem solving and reader service. With the new system, we can understand why emails are not arriving. Which is the case if the confirmation is pending.

      In addition: Not every reader is tech-savvy. For many, using the web is a matter of course, for others it is not. As I learned, changing the email address can be a problem. We can also help there in the future.

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    I did it. 🙂
    VG from the north ...

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    I usually open the Saab blog on Facebook, Saab, Volvo and the films are what I'm most interested in

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