Interest? Saab Community Ride Vienna - July 2020!

During Corona and my short-time work associated with it, I thought how casual a small but nice joint trip with other Saab drivers would be. The physical distance is also not a problem if everyone stays in their cars and as we now know, July will see further relaxation of the corona measures - the perfect time for a small Saab meeting.

Saab Community Ride Vienna

My concern is very simple! I'm just looking for people who maybe want to go for a relaxed lap in the Vienna area with their Saab beauties and like-minded people when the weather is nice. Possible routes that came to mind spontaneously: via the Höhenstrasse to Neuwaldegg and from there the Exelbergstrasse.

Another option would be from Mödling via the wine route to Baden and then straight through the Helenental to Alland and on to the Hafnerberg.

If someone still has route suggestions, please leave a comment and who would like to participate, can just write +1 here gerne

I look forward to your feedback - Griffin up!

PS: Who in the Facebook group "Saab Friends Austria”Can also take part in the survey there.

Text and images: Mathias Weinmayr

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    Well, this is the Saab blog, not the club, if someone from the club makes “advertising” for it in the club, is that not my problem, or how should you understand your statement?

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    I know someone who was prevented from self-advertising in the SAAB Club! What do you call the above lines?

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    Hello all together,
    I am very happy about the positive reactions and would like to share the most important information as a comment, there is also a new guest post from me, which should be online shortly 🙂

    Sun 12.07. (09: 30/10: 00) is a good day to start together. The route looks like this: start at the Billa in the Hinterbrühler Hauptstraße, over the Weinstraße to Baden and further through the Helenental to the Hafnerberg, there is a large parking lot at the church, where we can have group photos and friendly conversation and whoever wants to can Strengthen hosts
    The return trip can then be abbreviated via Alland and the Autobahn or via Heiligenkreuz or we add a loop via Berndorf and then Baden!
    I look forward to your feedback!

    And here is the link to the route description:

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    Hello Günther, wow if the SAAB Club were there I would find it really great, had to stop by your regular table so often, it'll be like Corona 🙂
    Sun 12.07. if this exit would take place, I have now written a new post with all the details 🙂

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    Marcus Schleidt, it is planned for July 12th

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    Hello, an older 9000 would like to join. When is that planned?
    LG Marcus

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    SAAB Club Vienna always meets on the first Monday of the month in Vienna 19
    at 19:00 p.m. in “Nino's” Pizzeria, Himmelstrasse 2, 1190 Vienna on July 6, 2020
    Please register this time.
    Since our spring exit Corona has fallen into the water to a certain extent, we would like to take part in the
    Take the exit.
    Best regards from Vienna .

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    If you know the exact date and I'm at this weekend in Vienna, I'll be happy to be there.
    Since I come from Upper Styria and some of my appointments are on weekends, I would have to plan a little further.

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    I find a great idea in Corona times, spontaneously with the Saabs and at a guaranteed safe distance!
    For me it is unfortunately too far (900+ km), but you and you much success and fun ..!

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    As I said, I'm very interested in it, I think from Mödling it would be a bit easier with several cars.

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