Never produced. Saab Midsommar Edition model year 2012.

They exist. The cars you never got. Sometimes they were too expensive, sometimes they didn't fit into life. Because station wagons had to be instead of coupes. Or they were simply never produced. Because the brand closes. Then it may be that the story lags behind for a long time. Like me, the thing with the Saab Midsommar special edition of the year 2012. A drama that has not been processed yet.

Model year 2012 - never built. The Saab Midsommar Edition.
Model year 2012 - never built. The Saab Midsommar Edition.

I have a soft spot for special car colors. Everything that yellow drives therefore triggers a certain reflex. When Saab launched the Independence Cabriolets in the fabulous shade of Amber Orange in 2011, I felt the same way. Or as this 9-5 appeared on the scene wearing an amber orange matt paint for test purposes. His rescue went wrong, he was dismantled and pressed into small, handy metal packages by heartless Swedes. But probably my action was doomed from the start.

My prospects for a Saab in amber orange in the summer of 2011 were quite specific. In Trollhättan they planned to democratize the color. Not only the wickedly expensive Independence Cabriolet should have it. No, normal Griffin models would also have worn Amber Orange.

Small mistake on the side? The tapes stopped.

It's been a few months, but there was still optimism. A few million, there was talk of 30, and the worst would be over and there would be new cars. The calculation didn't work out, but plans were made for the 2012 model year. Saab planned a Midsommar special edition to fuel the demand for the revised, but no longer fresh, 9-3. Based on the design of the Griffin models, it would have suddenly become colorful. Cabriolet, limousine and station wagon in bold amber orange. Quite in the old Saab tradition when there were optional bold colors to order.

Saab Midsummer Edition
Saab Midsummer Edition

Battle prices were planned for the edition. An almost fully equipped station wagon for around € 30.000, a convertible for € 34.000. Exclusive and individual - and not expensive. That could have worked. Definitely for me. Because I would have ordered one of these station wagons. With BioPower engine and ethanol in the tank.

The Saab Midsommar Edition never came

Production should begin after the summer break in 2011. You never did. The sun of the Midsommar Edition went down before its rays could reach the buyers. What remained in the end was almost nothing. In the end, it was just a draft Prospectus for the Saab Midsommar Edition. Not finalized, with weaknesses in the graphics and details. At some point it became clear that the problems were more profound and that it was a question of bare survival. No edition model came off the assembly line, the brochure remained as it was.

Regrettable. Mainly because it contained the courage that was lacking many years earlier. Color that stands out from the gray mass of automotive uniformity. Provide something for the eye and the heart, but remain affordable. Swedish avant-garde. Saab is still missing today. The Midsommar Edition would have been a good fit.

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    GM did not (or rarely, if ever) represent SAAB's former philosophy; even if some did not want it, because they were somehow influenced differently or had to be professionally! Because if it were up to the Swedish Saab tradition, the superiors would have reacted differently, but their hands were usually tied.
    After almost 10 years of production end, I take the liberty of confirming a few small things regarding Saab behavior at the time:
    The factory produced non-stop from Monday morning to Friday noon. Official production stopped on Friday afternoon, but special productions were made so that so-called “secret research” (or perhaps called professional secrets) could be carried out on the production line.
    During the 80's and 90's (when I was still active), a small group of select internal employees from various sectors worked on test or test vehicles every Friday afternoon so that news, changes, improvements and more could be produced, be it for testing purposes or for the future sales program. Among other things, new body colors were also often developed, in cooperation and on behalf of the respective paint manufacturers or, if it was a question of other equipment or equipment, with the corresponding product manufacturers or suppliers or suppliers.
    In order to stay in our special body colors topic, the respective test colors were mostly given the color number Body-199 (since it was usually not yet the definitive color scheme), unless an official internal color number was already known, ie each was correct and the completely finished vehicle would then receive an official consecutive body number and would thus have been manufactured ready for sale in theory! If it was a special order, it could be delivered on time. But that was not always the case, because internal test vehicles were therefore checked for a certain time for internal clarification purposes until a final decision was available. In order to cover expenses, many of these vehicles were reasonably sold internally (employees, importers or even directly to dealers) at a given time; yes, at that time it was still a typical Saab approach. Otherwise, according to internal regulations for safety reasons these vehicles are actually scrapped; that was the requirement.

    How this proceeded later under the Aera GM, can probably only confirm us those who were present at the appropriate time. In any case, the way of working is certainly not comparable to that of 30-40 years ago. What homologation rights were presumably missing in order to get these test vehicles in circulation correctly, because many were visible under the open sky, probably in closed lots, but could still be viewed or photographed somehow, otherwise they would surely have been invisible to the public in closed indoor halls . At least that was how it used to be, mostly sensible, logical and useful; since times are changing, it is possible that the procedure is different today, rather commercial, practical or even quick-acting to wipe out any traces.

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    I was also in the starting blocks to exchange my black convertible at the time after hearing about it for the first time.

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    Another great contribution!
    It is really a shame how SAAB was simply starved, slowed down and saved for years when it was finally time to bring something new or bring it in small quantities, it was just too late 🙁

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    Tom put it in a nutshell: "Saab is missing to this day". It is painful ...

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    It is not only the painting of a body shell in the desired color, but also sustainable
    Life-extended measure: You would have a Saab in front of your door for 30 years longer.
    I think that's a great idea!
    And if many would do that, the Saab brand would not be there for the next 30 years
    Disappear from our street scene.
    But in the end, only the cars that collectors are sealed in foil will remain
    To have.

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    Before I change the body of my car, I would inquire with Cardip (or another spray film) whether they can spray film / dip in my desired color.
    If you were too enthusiastic, or if the taste changes, you can remove the sprayed film and replace it with a new spray film if the original paint still does not match the new color.

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    Buy body shells (if there are any) and paint them in desired and the rest of one
    Screw approved vehicle and stamp old body (because of the Fg number.)

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    I will create a small report and make it available to the blog.
    The 9-5 year of construction 1999 is now with the painter. I was there yesterday and was able to convince myself of the absolute rust-free condition. All sills gone, the plastic inner fenders gone, everything clean and rust-free! And the anticipation for the sky blue is great!

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    Question of a nix-eyed person in these matters ...
    Why are vehicles scrapped, especially when a brand dies? What's the point? “Company secrets” of test vehicles should be irrelevant, right?
    I always think it's a shame! Any enthusiast would have sacrificed to take care of such a car, but instead: If I can't have it, nobody can have it! ) -:

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      GM held the intellectual rights to the vehicles, or a company owned by GM. Since these were pre-series and unpublished model years, they were consistent and let the stock that could be gripped scrapped.

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    Oh, that would have been 100% for me! I would have gone really steep! (-:

    Should I now be glad that I can at least have the (unrealizable) dream or sad that it would only be a dream and never a reality?
    I ponder wistfully and dream of Amber Orange ...

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    Hans S.

    Great!! Sky blue and the cosmos blue metallic of the 9-3 Ì (unfortunately very rare in Germany, I often saw it in the UK at the time) are also my absolute favorite colors! 🙂

    I hope there will be pictures of the piece of jewelry on the blog!?! Please please! 🙂

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    Great color, interesting report, which - once again of course - unfortunately leaves a wistful mood! And interesting links to previous posts, thank you very much!

    Brief question regarding the linked older reports on the 9-5 NG in Amber Orange: They were two different cars, weren't they? The more recent post was about the - terribly scrapped - with test paintwork in matt and glossy, whose rescue failed. And in the previous report from January 2013 about a Vector MY 2013 with uniform paintwork, right? What happened to him ?? !! Hopefully he is still "alive"! 🙂

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      The vehicles were all scrapped. Unfortunately.

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    I would have taken a 130PS TTID in the Combi if I could.

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    For this great convertible I would have opened my treasure chest wide open again and dug deep! What a great appearance. So too bad, this amber orange is just beautiful. Just like the sky blue metallic color, which was also not used so often. I am currently having a 9-5 limousine built in 1999 prepared and it is painted in sky blue.

    There was also a 95NG which was painted in a rich dark green color. It looked so elegant! Was it scrapped too? Too bad.

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      Was pre-series, the green came from Opel. Unfortunately it was scrapped.

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