Electric blue! Commercial 20 years Saab Cabriolet.

In 2006 Saab celebrated 20 years of Cabriolet. The German branch uses the anniversary for an advertising spot and a special anniversary model. This rolls to the customers in the exciting color Electric Blue. But not only that. The unexpected happens on the drive side. For the first time at Saab, a diesel is allowed under the bonnet of the convertible.

20 years Saab Cabriolet 2006
Electric blue! The Anniversary Cabriolet in 2006.

Saab Germany in 2006. The branch of the Swedish manufacturer moved from the Taunus to the Opel Campus in Rüsselsheim. The managing director is Knuth Sexauer, who will be replaced in 2007. After almost 18 months, which corresponds to the norm of the time. Managers and strategies change quickly, which is not good for the brand.

Another one of Sexauer's work is Video preserved. Also in 2006, he presented the Hirsch performance model on N-TV. The time document can be called up in our media library. The Cabriolet commercial from that time is partly a cut from other well-known films. Produced as sales support for the Saab partner showrooms.

Electric blue! Saab 9-3 Anniversary Cabriolet.

In addition to the color electric blue, the diesel drives cause a sensation. Has been available in other brands for a long time, now for the first time in a Saab. For the time being, 150 hp must be enough for diesel fans. The gasoline engine is available up to 250 hp. Then with the well-known V6 Turbo as a drive and a sonorous sound. Probably the V6 is more fun, it certainly brings more consumption. With the Anniversary Cabriolet, 17 ″ alloy wheels and a fine beige leather round off the noble impression. For buyers who find Electric Blue too exalted, the Swedes naturally supply the Anniversary Edition in other colors.

The Cabriolet was generally a successful model for Saab. To mark its 20th anniversary, more than 240.000 have already traveled to markets worldwide. Today, after the end of the brand, the convertibles remain a fixed currency. The classic 900 has steadily increased in value in recent years, 900 II and 9-3 I have increased noticeably. The 9-3 II series after the facelift has always been popular, the younger, the more expensive they are. Anyone who has put a well-kept Saab Cabriolet in his garage has basically done nothing wrong.

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    Great color and nice car with great predecessors.

    I've met several people, the first, the only one, or even everyone who ever owned a Saab was or still is a convertible.

    Saab has definitely made a lot of friends with these vehicles - some of which would not have found their way to the brand in any other way.

    Some have also bought one or even one after the other Saab with a higher utility value after a convertible.

    Saab's convertibles were perhaps the best advertisement Saab has ever made for itself and its other models?

    Perhaps Saab would have needed more such image carriers and brand ambassadors? Who knows?

    What is certain is that the bread & butter business mostly benefits from an upscale image and that the Saab convertibles have done a good job in this regard.

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    Thanks for the reply.

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    Yes, that was the Anniversary Edition. But that was a little earlier. I got mine from the dealer at the end of 2001.

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    Wasn't there a special model of the 9-3 I with Turbo lettering in the seats?

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