Corona, Saab and the unthinkable. When there are anniversaries.

As anniversaries approach, you tend to look back. Maybe it will get sentimental, you may be surprised. When you realize that the unthinkable has happened. One of these days comes in July. 10 years ago in Sweden, Saab danced on the volcano, the festival took place in Trollhättan. Saab was free and presented great theater. The 9-5 NG rolled off the assembly lines, the small town was full of fans. I was right in the middle of it with a friend. And a decision was made that is still having an impact today.

Corona and the unthinkable. Limitless travel is no longer.
Corona and the unthinkable. Limitless travel is no longer.

The Saab Show 10 years ago

It was my first Saab Festival, for my companions as well. Without the drama surrounding the brand, we would never have thought of traveling to Sweden. Saab presented itself fantastic, the atmosphere was great. Countless like-minded people, the great story of the phoenix rising from the ashes in the background. The region firmly in Saab's hands. In the exuberance of emotions, strange decisions are made. The blog was born on this festival weekend in July 2010. A decision that still has an impact. Even if it seemed unthinkable at the time that the Saab topic would keep me busy for another decade.

The crazy time 10 years later

How have we experienced the past few months? If someone had predicted in 2010 that we would be walking around with mouth and nose protection 10 years later, he would have ended up in the psychological service. It was the unthinkable that became reality. We have been disciplined for weeks. Even banks are only entered with a face mask without an alarm button being pressed.

Apparently we're settling in with Corona. We live with the virus that messes up our world. The turbulence extends to Trollhättan. In the Stallbacka everything was delayed by the virus, short-time work in the former Saab halls. Right next to it, where it used to build aircraft engines for the first Saab aircraft, it looks even more modest. GKN Driveline, which started in 1941 as Svenska Flygmotor AB and was later renamed Volvo Aero, has given up 350 employees at the site. A big blow for the city.

Saabblog, on the other hand, survived the first corona months well. Despite great concerns at the start of the pandemic. The corona effect is noticeable several times. For example, there is the extremely full mailbox. In the beginning it caused stress, now calmness has moved in. Processing? Impossible in time alone! The blog has become a one-man show again in recent months. No volunteer far and wide who could handle the mail and inquiries. Once the knowledge has matured, you live with it.

A full mailbox - more and more readers. Entertainment and old, analog cars from Sweden are trendy. The number of readers is impressive, and a few days ago we had already exceeded the number of visitors for the entire year 2018. Hopefully, so my thought, workshops and everyone who lives Saab as a business model use this moment of interest.

And where will we be in 10 years?

What's next? Where will it all be in 10 years? The world is hoping for a vaccine. Without him there will be no return to normal. No Saab Festival 2021, no travel without borders and without fear. You only know how much you've had when you've lost it.

And Trollhättan? You can let your imagination fly and think the unthinkable. In recent months, chairs have been moved in the sacred Saab halls and old braids cut. Pretty soon, mobility won't be what it was for decades. This requires new minds, a different way of thinking.

Let us surprise! It may be that in 10 years time someone will write a column stating that the unthinkable has happened.

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    A wistful, but also very interesting post - of course because of the fate of Saab - that provides insights into the background of the blog, its author and hopefully also into a future of the blog that will last as long as possible.

    "Even if it seemed unthinkable at the time that the Saab topic would occupy me for another decade."

    Interesting statement that shows that of course not all Saab fans are as "Saab monogamous" as others. I - not really a clue about cars and technology - absolutely had to have a Saab since I (coincidentally) drove one for the first time. I now have two and I would never dream of buying a car from another manufacturer. Not even as a company car, even if that is disadvantageous for me because of the flawed tax policy (which subsidizes the climate-hostile throwaway society). Certainly there are even more “exclusively Saab” enthusiasts like me among the readers.

    But of course also those Saab friends who are fundamentally interested in cars and automotive technology and therefore of course think outside the box, drive or buy. As we know, this also includes the blogger - who obviously has a very special preference for Saab, even after 10 years. Let's hope it will stay that way for a long time! And also with all other readers who drive two or more tracks! So our treasures live on and the cross-references and comparisons to other brands always ensure highly interesting blog posts and readers' comments!

    But it is a little surprising and deserves great respect that Tom has nevertheless invested so much personal life, energy, money and commitment into this topic and our Saab passion over 10 years. A big compliment for the quality of the blog and an even bigger thank you for it !! 🙂

    But: "The blog has become a one-man show again in the last few months." That is bad news! Where have the younger generation gone to support our blog in the medium term and keep it alive?

    "It may be that in 10 years someone will write a column in which he states that the unthinkable has happened."

    In any case, I hope that in 10 years there will still be this blog with many Saab topics, in which several authors write interesting articles - and also Tom every now and then, whose excellently researched and written reports are always such a pleasure!

    An illusion? Maybe, but the love of a lost brand from another automotive era, the number of readers and the full mailbox give hope!

    Thank you for everything! 🙂

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    This year is really unusual. The vacation is going to Mecklenburg instead of Sweden. I was looking forward to Trollhättan so much. 2021? Let's see!

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    Corvid-19 has shown the world (again) what is (really) important: HEALTH and close personal contacts.
    Visiting restaurants? Nice, but not really important. Sociability also works on a smaller scale.
    2 hours shopping on Saturday? Well, everyone can decide for themselves.
    Thailand or would you prefer Tuscany? Possibly. are Torgau and the Elbaue there are also very nice ...
    No theater, cinema or concerts, that really hurts. This mental “feed” is very clearly missing, and streaming or something like that is not an alternative (for me).
    The viruses of the future will be with us ... let's see how quickly humanity learns to respect the living spaces of earthly "roommates" ...
    In this respect, Corvid-19 may have a historical dimension.
    Think positive helps.
    So good new week! 🙂

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