A $ 20 million Saab? Advertising spot USA 1988!

The Swedes always had a sense of humor. Saab went hunting for customers in North America in the 80s with funny commercials. Those who are smaller, and Saab has always been a small manufacturer, must always drum a little louder. Saab drummed quite loudly and sales picked up.

A Saab for 20 million

The current spot from 1988 is about the price tag that could stick to a Saab. From around $ 15.000 at the time, a Saab 900i started at the base. The Turbo versions were a little more expensive, for a Saab 9000 Turbo the US customers were already allowed to transfer around US $ 28.000. So far so good.

Then a Saab JA 37 Viggen comes into the picture. The jet rounded off the product range. But then it already cost around $ 20 million. That was in 1988 when a modern fighter jet could obviously have been bought at that price if you were a member of a friendly army. Current defense weapons are a lot more expensive.


Aircraft construction and auto division were still united in one group in the 80s. The borders between the two divisions were fluid, the exchange lively. The little commercial was part of the “The most intelligent cars ever built" Campaign. This also includes a Talladega commercialwho advertises the Saab 9000. A few more clips from this series are waiting to be rediscovered in our archive.

In the early 90s, the campaign was replaced by another slogan. "We don`t make compromises. We make Saabs". From then on the motto was. Confident and clear. Not bad either.

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  • Even today there are good and inexpensive fighter jets from Sweden. But that and why D prefers to buy from Trump or the Teurofighter is a different, very complex and very unique topic ...

  • The video is just awesome - and, as is so often the case, Saab was (far) ahead of its time ...

  • Back then Saab had very nice and funny ideas! Great filmed how they all drive into the picture right at the right time. Thank you for this nice treat for the weekend!

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