The final of a mission is approaching. Project Paul on the way to Kiel.

It started in Kiel, it will end in Kiel. Project Paul is nearing completion. The Saab 9-5 is on the way north, where our paths will separate. The story had started in February 2016 with a sad car. An old Saab 9-5 station wagon, a very early example. A thing for the user, or something for a new life?

Project Paul is on the way in the van
Project Paul is on the way in the van

We decided to give Paul a chance. A revision of the technology and body followed, the sad car became an attractive Saab again. We had big plans that were a little too big. Beaming the station wagon into its second life permanently stressed the blog's financial position. But at least, with the support of Saab Kiel, Skandix, Saab Service Frankfurt and other helpers was a technically good car in front of us.

Of course, still with optical restrictions and wear. Tracks that life brings with it. Anyway, the old station wagon drove well, now looked nice and was fun. What we lacked was the necessary time for the project. Mark and I have family, work, more cars and the Saab blog. We had miscalculated because there is hardly any space for a project car. Paul was driven by Mark for only a year and then put away in the hangar. The idea of ​​going on a big tour with the Saab 9-5 was never realized, life writes its own scripts.

We are approaching the final

But the basic idea persisted. Get the old Swede in shape, move and then sell it for a good cause. Without Covid-19, Jan would have taken the 9-5 towards Kiel during his semester break. The virus with the resulting lockdown changed our entire schedule for 2020, nothing came of it.

But now we are approaching the finale.

Last week - I was out and about in Bamberg and Würzburg that day - the car transporter was at the door. Paul was loaded and was not the only Saab on the transporter. A few kilometers further a 9-5 from Justus came in, which is a different story.

Project Paul for a good cause

How is the final going now? We are selling the Paul project for a good cause. He will certainly not bring in the money invested so far, 5 digits. We have no illusion there. But Paul is a good base that will have a long life with a little fine-tuning. An early 9-5 station wagon, only a few of them still exist. Driving it is sustainability in practice - using an object for as long as possible.

Visually we leave the Paul project as it is. Adhesive, pretty cool. The particularly attractive 18 ″ Inka rims also remain, they make the Saab an eye catcher. You will be able to view the Saab station wagon at the Lafrentz dealership and test drive it.

And then?

Then you can determine what you want to pay. The project Saab is available from € 1,00 and every bid counts. Details on the upcoming finale will follow soon.

10 thoughts on "The final of a mission is approaching. Project Paul on the way to Kiel."

  • If it were to donate a "Paul" option for the child cancer action of classic car market?
    You donate to a good cause and advertise the Saab brand.

  • Thanks for the enlightenment - both issues. When Paulchen arrives in Kiel, there will definitely be a new report (including a newsletter), right? So that everyone knows about this promotion!

  • Unfortunately, the newsletter was canceled on Sunday. Sorry ... We are donating the purchase price to a ward at the University Clinic in Erlangen. We have been doing it every now and then since the blog was founded.

  • Unfortunately, despite “ticking” all topics, the automatic newsletter did not inform me of the good news that Paulchen 😉 was returning to the north, so I only happened to see the article now. In any case, I am very happy to take a close look at the handsome guy on my next visit to Lafrentz and to let the “boys” provide me with background information! 🙂 Great action from the blog, once again! For what charitable purpose will the purchase price be used?

  • There was actually no newsletter on Sunday. The problem was the human interface, not the software. Today everything is going as usual, I apologize if our mails were missing.

  • Unfortunately, the restoration unfortunately quickly exceeds the value of the vehicle. I'm experiencing this myself with my 9-3 I Cabrio. Put good money in the optics and TÜV (almost 5 notes) and now that it should be ready, an engine failure (which was previously unimaginable) is spreading. Now there is a revision of the engine, which can swallow 3 notes again. It is painful. Even more painful in not being able to drive at the moment. The Saab confidante has a lot to do and asks for a delay of 2 months.

  • Great project! There was no newsletter yesterday, today. Problems?

  • Paul desires to find enthusiastic owners as well.
    I hope to read him here and there from time to time.

    If I had not fallen in love with a 9-3 II last October and expanded my fleet with it, I would have been tempted!
    Where else can you get such a trolley, which has received as much love as the articles here in the blog convey.

  • I'm curious how it will go with Paul and hope that the new owner will also write about Paul.

  • 4 years Paul already? Wow, how fast the time runs - crazy! Hopefully you will hear from “him” how things will go with the new owner in the years to come.

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