A Swedish test track. Hällered Proving Ground.

Hällered Proving Ground is located about 80 kilometers from Gothenburg. A test track not only for Volvo. Because completely different stories also played here. The last act in the drama about Saab, for example. First and foremost, Hällered is of course Volvo territory. Around 180 people on the facility are busy testing cars, trucks and buses with the Volvo logo on the bow.

Hällered Proving Ground. Here Volvo tests.
Hällered Proving Ground. Here Volvo tests.

Hällered - here Volvo tests

Hällered Proving Ground is less known beyond Sweden. The area near Borås plays an important role for the domestic vehicle industry. The site has 15 different sections that can simulate various loads. Among other things, there are routes for high-speed tests, durability, comfort and corrosion. Separate gravel roads and downhill slopes are challenging, and further test facilities simulate the durability of vehicles.

The heating chamber and a climate chamber with a salt spray system let vehicles age quickly, special devices test the safety of tank systems. Hällered offers everything you need to send vehicles to the road in a mature manner. The area is a high-tech cluster of the Swedish auto industry. Is right next to the test track AstaZero. A research facility opened in 2014 and operated, among other things, by Chalmers University of Applied Sciences. AstaZero is dedicated to road safety with the aim of reducing the number of fatalities to zero. In contrast to Hällered, it is open to all manufacturers.

Saab also used Hällered Proving Ground

Not only Volvo tests in Hällered. Saab was also a frequent guest here, which is less well known. The collaboration between the brands was repeated despite all the rivalries. Especially after the separation from GM, it became closer. Saab has repeatedly used the facilities in the last tragic months. Because access to the former test tracks, such as the former Opel test facility in Rodgau-Dudenhofen, was difficult after the departure from GM.

The old test track directly at the factory was no longer an alternative and a compromise that was born out of necessity. Hallered Proving Ground seemed the alternative.

Saab films with the last 9-5 generation were shot in Hällered, one of the last events took place here. In June 2010 Saab flew the international press to present the then new 9-5. Parts of the Media events were recorded on the route near Borås.

All of this is Swedish industrial history today. Volvo shot the video from Hällered Proving Ground in autumn 2010. Not only did the engineers and test drivers experience the test track, but also those of the former competitor from Trollhättan. The story is not at the end. Saab no longer exists, but in the previous testing facilities in Trollhättan, Volvos could be discovered again and again in recent years.

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    I had often asked myself whether Saab had its own test track in addition to that at the factory. Apparently not what it looks like. Good movie!

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    Lime green Volvo C30, I've never seen it in real! Looks pretty fresh, but of course you can't get hold of the lime green Saab Cabrio!

    Otherwise cool film, with real professionals at work. I wish I could control a car like this.

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