A few kilometers, last year of construction. A Saab 900 S Cabriolet.

Getting a Saab 900 S Cabriolet with a low mileage is difficult. It is even more ambitious to get an affordable copy at the same time. Because the prices have only known the way up for years. So it is good to offer a 900 S Cabriolet that meets both conditions.

A Saab 900 S is for sale on Ebay
A Saab 900 S is for sale on Ebay

The Saab 900 S Cabriolet was built in 1994, making it one of the last examples of the classic series. It was originally approved in Canada, as the kilometer speedometer proves. Then it was converted to mileage tachometer for US approval. The original speedometer is still there and underpins the seriousness of the information. The convertible is said to have driven a total of 20.930 miles (approx. 33.684 km) since 1994.

The original Saab manuals and the on-board folder are available. The condition, and the open presentation of its history, make the given data appear in a credible light.

Last year of construction, nice color combination

The rare green-beige color combination makes the Swedish convertible desirable and rare. However, it is not perfect. Neither the dashboard nor the lid of the glove compartment has cracks or bubbles. But there should be a crack on the driver's speaker and the radio is also not original. A flaw that is actually not one. Because it could be done with a quick movement.

How much can the Cabriolet cost?

The Saab 10 S Cabriolet has spent the last 900 years with an older lady who parked it in her garage. This explains the low mileage and the good condition of the interior. It does not have an automatic, as is often the case in the USA, but a manual 5-speed transmission. A definite plus. The price is not high by German standards. The seller is calling $ 14.500, equivalent to $ 12.900. For the amount, there are at most vehicles with a mileage of up to a factor of 10, but no convertible with 33.684 kilometers.

The Cabriolet is at Ebay advertised for immediate purchase. The location is Florida, the price includes freight, customs and taxes. Unfortunately, the 900 is not yet 30 years old and is privileged to import as a classic. The open Saab remains an interesting offer in any case. Assuming his condition is as good as advertised. But that could be quickly clarified in a conversation with the seller.

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    Wow ... exactly something (exactly the color combination) and then with automatic (yes, I'm just lazy) ... that would be my personal “dream”!

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    Exactly, the designation 900S was already up to date in North America in the mid-80s, ie well before the LPT with its own designation was introduced in the EU. In addition, the 2.1-16v naturally aspirated engine was offered until the end of production of the 901 thanks to demand from the American and Australian markets. Although this specific suction variant before the start of production, as well as when it was introduced, was originally only intended for the Scandinavian market. The interest of the dealer was so enthusiastic about the presentation of its engine performance that this engine was also offered for the EU market in the short term, but in the end it was rather unsuccessful because there was little demand for insurance reasons. He was a big hit overseas. For this reason, the LPT under 2000ccm with a similar engine output to the 2.1-16v was more in demand in the EU, and in addition to the model name 900S, it was also known as 900ep (Eco-Power) on certain markets.

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    An optical “cream cake”…, great color combination.
    But unfortunately only cumbersome to visit, test drive.
    Unless the “residual risk” would be with a workshop of trust in the hindquarters, no more risk ...
    Either way, the new owner acquires an optical automotive eye-catcher.
    Have a lot of driving pleasure with it!

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    Nice vehicle! But perhaps it should also be mentioned that 900S were only naturally aspirated engines for the American market and not the low-pressure turbos known from this side. You can also see it in the engine compartment picture.

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