The right and left brain. And what Saab says about it.

The customer can learn something with Saab. In 1988, a commercial was launched in North America that deals with the right and left half of the brain. What is crucial here is the knowledge that the Swedes supply material for both halves. The clip is part of the The most intelligent cars ever built Campaign.

The right and left side of the brain. And what Saab says about it.
The right and left side of the brain. And what Saab says about it.

Webe copywriters had it easier in earlier times. They were allowed to deal with profound topics. Today, advertising in the auto industry has largely flattened out. The fear is about overwhelming the customer. You don't think that? A very current example of despair: The agency of a brand from the VW Group must make it believable that it is proof of advanced individuality when a person wears red shoes and drives a compact SUV in the same color. A difficult mission.

Right and left hemispheres. Saab serves them both.

It was easier in 1988. Like the two halves of the brain. The target group was able to learn something and enjoyed the cheeky contributions. If everything went well, she might buy a Saab afterwards. Or at least visited the Saab dealer nearby. Generally speaking, the right side of the human brain controls the beautiful things. Music, art, maybe even the fun of a car are part of it. The left side is responsible for logic and abstract knowledge. This is exactly where the copywriters start.

A 900 Turbo is safe. It has a large cargo space. In addition, it is practical, says the left side. I don't care about that, the right side notes. And have fun driving the 900 Turbo. Both sides of the brain are served and are satisfied. Because Saab has vehicles for both halves of the brain. That is the main message of the video.

We have already published two more commercials from Saab North America's historic campaign. Of the $ 20 million Saab and the Talladega commercial from 1987 are available here.

3 thoughts on "The right and left brain. And what Saab says about it."

  • And what does the cervical vertebra say?

    It was precisely these turbo coupes that (when I was a novice driver in a Volvo) turned my head very carefully to the left and right - depending on the direction of travel or the parking position of the Saab.
    Real eye-catchers and objects of desire for both sides of the brain ...

    It was a key moment for me. I knew immediately that sooner or later I would and would have to drive this Saab or one of its successors, the keyword is fear of neglect. A very, very strong mainspring ...

    A life without having ever owned a Saab no longer occurred in my wildest dreams, was beyond imagination.

  • Most contemporaries could be told through advertising and unclean test reports that Benz & Co. has to be in the garage - the marketing division of SAAB could not keep up. Ultimately there weren't any really new products under GM either - that was probably the main reason for the “result”.

  • Thanks for the exhilarating commercial.
    SAAB recognized early on where to “pick up” the relevant clientele: with the spirit. 😉
    Good advertising message.
    Unfortunately, these advertising efforts did not ensure long-term good sales ... The result is known. 🙁

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