A historic car transporter with style? Saab 96 single piece!

Car transporter conversions based on Saab can always be found. Most of them are based on the 9000 and were realized by particularly dedicated workshops. A real rarity, however, is a historic car transporter based on Saab 96. Really exists, the piece of jewelry is for sale in the Netherlands.

Historic car transporter based on Saab
Historic car transporter based on Saab

There are a few copies of the Transporter based on Saab 9000. The 9000 is the Saab fast transporter of the jet age, the 96 its grandfather. A rare renovation can be found in the Netherlands. This really seems to be unique, because after the series there is nothing at all.

Let's start at the very beginning. Trying to correctly classify the individual components and their history without knowing the history of the vehicle. The base dates from 1964. The V4 engine, which the Swedes transplanted from Ford, works under the hood. Real Saab fans have now found the first mistake. 1964 and V4? That can not be.

The switch to the four-stroke principle did not take place in Sweden until the summer of 1967. At that time, the cast-iron admirers of the brand, as bad as betrayal as the installation of GM parts years later, saved the Cologne engine of the brand. And gave the Saab 96 an amazing second life that lasted until 1979.

An unusual car transporter

It is likely that the part of a 2-stroke body with the front end of a four-stroke 96 has been merged into a new vehicle. Subsequently received a very long rear end, and grew to a handsome representative of the 6.85 family with 96 meters. The renovation is visually well done, the result from a single source.

The drive also does not correspond to the series. The V90 engine is said to deliver 4 hp, more than is actually the case in the Saab 96. What is clear is that no engine from the original series is used. The displacement of the V4 is said to be 1760 cm³, it could be the "big" engine from the Sonett III, which was increased in its performance.

The market for historic car transporters is limited. Who needs an almost 7 meter long vehicle that is more than 50 years old? The 96 should be able to carry 1.7 tons, which would make it possible for most Saab vehicles to be a stylish van.

Are historical car transporters in demand?

But 90 HP and the possible freight raise questions about dynamics. This is how potential customers seem to see it so far. It does not fit into a standard garage, which in principle restricts its group of buyers. And the 90 hp make it less attractive for everyday use. Accordingly, it has been on sale near Arnhem for a long time.

The price was recently lowered from € 29.500 to € 24.500. Perhaps an argument for a classic car dealer who is looking for a van for his Swedish classics? Or a Saab collector who really has everything and now wants to add the unique piece with style to his collection?

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    An eye-catcher at meetings and in a collection

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    Great thank you! 🙂

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    Question to Tom

    Very nice report and great photos of a highly bizarre vehicle. Sweetened my lunch break. How does the blogger always get such information? Very specific search requests on the net? No matter, just great!

    Doesn't actually fit here, but since the aircraft logo is on the door of the transporter, I dare to make a very elegant (ahem) transition: When will the new license plate holder “Made in Trollhättan by Trolls” be (finally) available? I urgently need 😉 a few sentences and therefore keep looking up. When will i be redeemed? 🙂

    Have a nice weekend with all Saab friends!

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      You stumble across such things. Or is pointed out by readers.

      The number plate holder will be out next week! I'm a little late, real life requires attention 😉

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    interesting and charming idea. If I should come across this unique specimen somewhere, I would prefer it to be used as a car transporter, undisguised and untampered ...

    I would rather see a beautiful classic Saab or one for motorsport on the loading area than a huge cube made of trusses, lattice girders, clamps, cables and tarpaulin ...

    A rededication and overbuilding would somehow be sacrilege for me - however creative and innovative it may be.

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    The transporter is great, but really only interesting for dealers! Doesn't Lafrenz have a 9000 van in Kile? Maybe he would like to add to this :-)

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    Trailer Queen

    This term from the old-timer scene (for cars that are almost only piggybacked) gets a whole new meaning here ...

    The thing is great and nice to look at. Articles and pictures are a pleasure.

    Thanks Saabblog.

    A Volvo or a foreign make on this loading area (preferably defective) and a man named Ove would pat his thigh in the grave and hammer with both fists on the coffin lid while laughing ...

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    ´´Great vehicle ... from one piece it hits exactly´´ !! ´´But you could give the vehicle a different task´ with a cage frame made of steel pipes & a tarpaulin for weather protection´ and you get a mobile stage for musicians and bands´ for gigs in a smaller frame´ for spectators and listeners up to approx. 200-300 people who want to enjoy local performers´´ !! ´´And for this purpose the motorization of 90 HP should definitely be sufficient´… because the stage equipment with PA and other devices´ should be easy to push under the 1,7 tons load´´ !! ´´RAN ANS BID - - IT'S NOT SO EASY TO GET A GIG STAGE

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