The dream cars of the Swedes. Who is at the forefront.

Once a year, YouGov, on behalf of the Blocket platform, polls Swedish consumers about their dream cars. The result is of interest. Especially if you understand the development of individual car brands over the past few years. Who did everything right, who is at the front? And which brands do the Swedes no longer find so attractive?

The dream cars of the Swedes. Which brand is at the forefront?
The dream cars of the Swedes. Which brand is at the forefront?

Car surveys are mostly national matters. In Germany you can almost always find the Mittelland Canal brand in front, or one of its satellites. If in doubt, you'd better buy nationally if you can. But the results are not that easy to interpret, as the Swedish example shows.

Teknikens Värld magazine has published the latest results. Accordingly, Volvo comes first, which is no surprise. If you look in detail, then the Gothenburg brand has done everything right in recent years. This is how the Swedes surveyed see it, giving the brand a top spot.

Whoever is at the forefront has done everything right

Volvo has always been in first place in the past 3 years. As I said, voting has a national touch. But approval rose from 11% in 2018 to 12% in 2019 and 15% this year. A continuous upward movement that other brands can dream of. Tesla is in second place. Electric cars are very important in Scandinavia, speed limit and green electricity speak for the type of drive. The second place is hardly surprising, but Tesla only experiences a sideways movement in the longing statistics. From 2% in 11 to 2018 and 8% the following years. There is still room for improvement for the electric car pioneer.

Porsche no longer so attractive

Where do the Germans stand? BMW, Mercedes and Audi compete for the 3rd to 5th place. The Swedes still love the German premium brands. However, this year's survey for the sports car icon Porsche ends disappointingly. Porsche has to rank 7th behind Toyota. Only 3% of the 1.203 Swedes over 18 years of age see their dream from the Zuffenhausen brand. Is that perhaps the summoned turn of times or the receipt for an ever broader, possibly over-excited product portfolio? You will know more in the coming year with the 2021 survey.

The complete list of the YouGov survey with ranks 1 to 10 is in Teknikens Värld accessible.

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6 thoughts on "The dream cars of the Swedes. Who is at the forefront."

  • blank

    @ Gosh,

    the Swedes - young or old - seem to see it exactly like you. 5 German brands made it into the top ten, half of the top places and a total of 24%.

    Coincidentally as much as Volvo and Tesla.

    Otherwise only Toyota, Ford and Kia are in the top ten and generate 9% overall.

    I do not want to further evaluate and overinterpret, but the German automotive industry is apparently well received in S. You have to let her do that.

  • blank

    Nice for Volvo ...

    Not that 85% of Swedes are fond of foreign brands, but that they have repeatedly and vigorously grown.

    The bottom line is still a sad picture for the Swedish automotive industry, I think.

    During my childhood, 50% of all cars in S were easily with Saab's license plates and of course, especially Volvos.

    Foreign brands with domestic license plates were real eye-catchers, were relatively rare and there in S they were an expression of their own individuality, like a Saab or Volvo outside of Sweden.

    Often it was Brits and especially Americans. But also like German cars. Many no longer young, but excellently cared for and special even then. A trip to S has always been a highlight of the automobile for me.

    It was as if the whole country was one big meeting for classic cars, rarities, tuning and of course for Swedish cars.

    Unfortunately, there is not much left of that today. People like to drive new cars, but still like Volvo. But that was almost it.

    The density of classic cars from all over the world, Saabs and Volvos is still relatively high, but has decreased significantly.

    The low density of Saabs particularly disappointed me in summer 2019. I used to play Saab versus with the kids in the back seat. So we count cars while driving.

    We started with Saab versus Volvo. Seemed logical and obvious in S. At 6:53 we had no desire. In the end, we counted Saab versus Fiat 500 and Saab versus Mini. Only in this way did the total of Saabs in S have another chance at this game - only against individual models.

    Sad sad. The only positive exception was a visit to the museum in Trollhättan. The adjacent parking facilities were clearly dominated by Saabs. After all.

  • blank

    Wasn't it that the V70 was the best-selling car in Sweden? I'm happy with the Volvo No. 1, but I'm also surprised because the vehicles have become much more expensive! The course at Saab is just as surprising, since there have been no new cars for almost a decade. I can fully understand the 3rd place for BMW. Not for every model, but the brand's core models are already top. Just like that at Audi and Mercedes.

  • blank

    I feel the same way as Mr. Rudolf! Saab is missing and no other brand can match.

    An interesting question (to the blogger) in this context: What did the rankings look like in the past? Until 2011? Was Saab number one? Or always ??? 🙂 Would have been absolutely justified!

    • blank

      I don't know the old results from Blocket. The German is exciting in this context Auto Involvement Index, which was unfortunately only run until 2018. It measures the drivers' loyalty to their brand. Saab was number 2007 in 1, ahead of Volvo. Volvo subscribed to rank 2013 from 1, Saab dropped to rank 2018 by 9. In front of Porsche, Jaguar, Alfa Romeo. And without even producing a new car.

  • blank

    How one can choose BMW for 3rd place is not clear to me - nor is another place with a manufacturer who demonstrably installed fraudulent software on a large scale.

    Where's the French or Jaguar, for example?

    Teknikens Värld probably contributes significantly to opinion-forming in Sweden - the readers are probably similarly knitted as AMS readers here. The list is actually completely uninteresting to me - I still miss SAAB and would not shortlist any other make among the 10 brands listed for a purchase.


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