Saab Community Ride July 2020 - it was great!

After a short lead time and announcements on three platforms (here in the blog, in the SaabCars forum and in the FB group Saab Friends Austria) we had the weather on our side after a rainy Saturday on July 12.07.2020th, 13. XNUMX SAABs, a Volvo and a Lancia were on the route from the Hinterbrühl via the Weinstrasse to Baden, through the Helenental to Alland to the Hafnerberg and thus gave a clear sign of life to our beloved and popular brand.

Saab Community RideFinally, the day of the exit was there. I wanted to give my car a high gloss on Saturday, but that was forgotten after the rain. So on Sunday the petrol station in Gaaden had to be used for quick cleaning and still as organizer I was almost on time at 09:30 am at the Billa parking lot in the Hinterbrühl.

The first well-rested and motivated passengers were already there - perfect. The first greetings were exchanged and the treasures examined.

Over time, our lap grew and shortly before departure a Citroën DS was attracted by our goings-on, a really rare sight and then also in fantastic condition. The journey started comfortably through the Vorderbrühl to Mödling, and the first Saab came towards us, which probably hadn't heard from our meeting. A friendly greeting as we drive past and we are at the HTL and the road opens into the vineyards.

As a driver in front, I kept looking in the rearview mirror to make sure that everyone was there and it was nice to see this pearl necklace with many dark onyx crystals, enriched with a red ruby ​​(9-3 estate), an amethyst (Volvo) and that absolute splash of color Lime (Saab 9-3 Cabrio) to see!

The narrow streets in Gumpoldskirchen let us move a little closer together and we went on the second half of the wine route towards Baden. On the B212 we avoided the narrow spots and quickly reached the B210 / Badener Straße in the Helenental, which gives you a real joy of driving with its winding course.

In Alland I decided to visit the economy parking lot in a spontaneous suggestion, because we could park the entire line-up next to each other and so a really fine group picture was possible. After that, some were already feeling a bit hungry and we made our way to the Hafnerberg, where we met a late guest: a really cool Saab Turbo X station wagon - wonderful.

This is where our trip together ended for now, but I am sure that we will get something going again, because I am genuinely pleased with the positive reactions, motivate and reward for the organization.

Thanks to everyone who attended and special thanks to Ken-Daniel, who was really active in organizing and promoting the meeting!


Text & pictures: Mathias Weinmayr

7 thoughts on "Saab Community Ride July 2020 - it was great!"

  • Too bad I could not be there, but sure next time!

  • We would also like to thank you with the participation of “Lime” for organizing the trip. It was really nice, and we would be happy if one climbed again soon. LG - Burkhard.

  • dear Matthias, that was a really nice and nice meeting, I was happy to get to know many of the Austrian blog readers and Austrian Saab Facebookers personally and to be able to have nice Saab conversations with you, so I was happy to provide tips so that you can You could organize meetings in the form. Looking forward to a joint organization next time

  • @Hans thank you for your nice words, because a typo doesn't matter 🙂

  • @ Hans S.
    Has Wortwitz, the Austria ... 😉
    A great report indeed. Thanks to the guest author and thanks for the fine pictures.

  • Oh woe, the one in Austria slipped in stupidly, I don't know how. Sorry!

  • Written nicely. It feels like you were there!
    Thanks a lot for this!
    Saabige greetings to Austria from a Swiss resident in Germany, somehow also nice or?

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