New start and hope. Saab presents itself at the festival.

Restart in Trollhättan. The first festival after the rescue of Saab will take place in July 2010. To do this, you break the usual 2-year rhythm. Because you have something to show and the eyes of the public rest on the small town on the Götaland Canal. In the months before, Trollhättan was always in the headlines.

Saab Festival 2010. The main entrance to the factory.
Saab Festival 2010. The main entrance to the factory.

The decided closure by GM. Then the canceled rescue by Koenigsegg and finally the takeover by Spyker. Anyone looking for drama was presented with the very large delivery here. Trollhättan, previously only known to true fans of the brand, was suddenly on everyone's lips.

You can say a lot about the short Spyker time. But one thing is certain. It is perhaps the case that Victor Muller and his small manufacturer of exclusive sports cars had no chance from the start. But he used every opportunity to promote Saab and make the brand better known. The festival was the best opportunity to turn the moment of attention into success.

The audience was probably hardly ever more excited than in July 2010. It was international and in a good mood. The magnificent atmosphere conveyed by the film was palpable on site. Saab worked up everything that was possible, financed a really great festival and made the fans happy.

Victor Muller, as a talented entertainer in his element, provided entertainment. Supported by Steven Wade, who made history with his Trollhattan Saab blog. Not to forget the great Erik Carlsson, who was a brand ambassador and legend in one. Together with Jan Åke Jonsson, the Saab CEO at the time, they provided fans with great cinema during the Saab Dinner.

Only those on stage knew that it might not be enough in the end. The others, the fans, wanted to believe. They were given the illusion of a fresh start and hope and had a few unforgettable days in Trollhättan. What is left is the memory.

A crazy time, a dream and a car brand that built pretty good cars. That's a lot.

7 thoughts on "New start and hope. Saab presents itself at the festival."

  • Dear Tom, great cinema ...
    No, not the nice short film, but your little contribution, in staccato through the past months, positively inspiring, conciliatory to the approaching end, and in the end it almost sounds like the end of a fairy tale.
    Thank you very much, I was very happy!

  • Too bad that 2 magical days in Trollhättan have been reduced to 1:38 min.
    Good for those who were there live in 2010 ...
    Thanks for the film contribution. It remains as a narrow, wistful contribution to a “small” factory in Sweden ...

  • SAAB, everything except ordinary. This slogan says everything that makes SAAB. The reason why I love these vehicles so much!

  • Nice report and great video. I am happy to have been there in 2013. I remember fondly speaking to Erik Carlsson, who did not want to believe that I had come to Trollhaettan for two days by car. I honor his autograph!

  • A very nice memory. Thanks again, Tom for this article and great video.

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