Memories of the Saab Festival 2010. A picture gallery.

The last contribution to my memory tour through Trollhättan. The festival was 10 years ago, and the world and the automotive industry have changed since then. If you look back, it seems to have been part of a bygone era. We cannot say where we will be in 10 years. Maybe some readers are still driving Saab?

Saab 900 parade

I may also write about cars elsewhere. Maybe I'll do something completely different.

Time is precious, you have to be careful.

What you shouldn't lose sight of is Trollhättan. The city could be completely different in 2030 than it was in 2010 and 2020. Beyond the memory tour and its sentimentalities, I have not lost sight of the future in the past few days. It manifests itself impressively in steel and concrete and on Monday we jump straight from our nostalgia trip into the new era.

Until then, all the readers who accompanied me this week, have a nice Sunday and have fun with the pictures from Trollhättan, which were not intended to be published in 2010 and are therefore not perfect.

4 thoughts on "Memories of the Saab Festival 2010. A picture gallery."

  • Insane SAAB impressions!
    It has “calendar material” inside…
    I find the line-up in the shape of a body extremely successful, even today, or especially today!
    The rain on the festive days probably anticipated the misery ...
    Thanks for the dip in the Sunday sentimentality! 🙂

  • The steep schnauzer at the beginning of the 900 parade is great (PS).

    With its gray indicators, the black one looks as if a black-and-white photo of him has been mounted in the picture.

    If you look closely, you can really indulge in the picture gallery today. It is full to the brim with beautiful saabs, details and quirky features.

  • A great pleasure on Sunday,

    are these pictures. However they were intended, it's nice that they were published here and today.

    I can never get enough of this subject.

    Thanks blog!

  • The festival in 2010 was my first at that time. The 9-3I (also the first) came to me almost a year earlier from a pensioner's hand and the festival was the first opportunity to dive into the parts paradise: At that time there was still ANA and brand-new interior fittings were spilled out on pallets. My student budget only gave me a rear spoiler and a radio remote control ...

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