One of the first Saab 9-5 NG is auctioned in Sweden

Two numbers to remember this week. The 3 and the 14. Today it is about the 3, the 14 will follow in the next few days. A Saab 9-5 NG with the VIN YS3GN4AL7A9000003 is auctioned in Sweden. This VIN is extremely low. The 9-5 NG is one of the first vehicles in its series.

For sale in Sweden, possibly the oldest Saab 9-5 NG
For sale in Sweden, possibly the oldest Saab 9-5 NG

This vehicle should actually no longer exist.

The file situation is clear. This Saab doesn't exist anymore, it was registered as scrapped. Just like the Saab 9-5 NG sports suit with the Number 36, which was also noted as disposed of. However, the efforts of the lawyers who processed the Saab estate to dispose of them were not always successful. Vehicles were often reported as scrapped, but then secretly put away. In the best case, they would be waiting in a hall, in the worse case they would be monetized as parts carriers.

To end the practice, the lawyers ordered the vehicles to be divided into four. Once across and once lengthways through the entire vehicle. Four parts no longer become a complete car. The Swedish junkyard operators had to commit to this in writing, but at this point a number of vehicles had slipped through the network.

No longer eligible for approval in Sweden.

The VIN is blocked, there is no COC. The pre-series Saab can no longer be registered in Sweden. He is a maximum candidate for a collection or a museum. That in Trollhättan turns out as an interested party. Because there is the first 9-5 NG in series production. The VIN number 00001, which was built in Trollhättan.

65.318 kilometers are on the speedometer of the pre-series vehicle that was on the road as a test car. A diesel with an automatic transmission and reasonably good equipment. No aero, no gasoline and certainly no full equipment. The vehicle bears visible signs of wear that match the mileage and its history.

Visually it could be a vector equipment, with electric leather seats but without xenon headlights or a large infotainment.

Perhaps the oldest existing 9-5 NG.

Years ago I was hunting for a 9-5 NG from the pre-series. He was wearing one Test painting, and the VIN 157. It was the color that made him attractive to me. Ideal for collecting and storing. No matter what I offered for it, I didn't get it, the Swedes preferred to chase it through the scrap press.

But where is the appeal of a vehicle that is equipped on average and is not particularly attractive motorized? The Saab Museum is number 1 in the series, but not the oldest 9-5 NG. These were the pre-series vehicles that were on the road for testing and testing purposes.

The pre-series vehicle with VIN ... 9000001, presumably the first 9-5 NG at all, was scrapped years ago. The one now on the Auction offered sedan could therefore be the oldest existing Saab 9-5 NG at all.

Images: PS Auction (7/7)

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    A piece of contemporary history. Always interesting what kind of cars come onto the market. If I am correct, then the car has been standing still for more than 10 years, has collected its previous kilometers as a test car, since the VIN is blocked. Right? Would it even be possible to register the car in D?

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      You know the answer 😉

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    these are also good and valid references. I will dominate you again Thank you very much and greetings.

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    @Volvaab Driver. With xenon, the headlight washer system is mandatory, there is always this piece in front of the headlight.
    What you can still notice is that it is not xenon if you can adjust the light range yourself. You always have to look closely at the photos of the used ones, as the advertisements are often not entirely correct.

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    Thanks Ken-Daniel & Tom

    Learned something again. I always thought that from the facelifts (9-5 and 9-3 II) onwards there would only have been xenon for both model series ...

    Good to know what you can look out for in the used vehicles. Is not automatically noticeable in broad daylight during a test drive.

    Doesn't have to be an exclusion criterion and everyone has to know for themselves, but if you didn't know, you couldn't make a conscious decision ...

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    I think H7 headlights, just like the 9-3II without xenon. Chrome glasses are sometimes found without xenon. But if I don't want to have it, I wonder why halogen was still offered in the NG anyway.
    Hopefully someone can save him, scrapping would be a shame.

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      There was no xenon but H7, especially in Sweden, to keep list prices for company cars low for tax reasons. Didn't look good, the signature light was missing.

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    No xenon?

    I always thought that since the chrome glasses no 9-5 had been built without them ...

    What does he have instead? Projector headlights with H1 or H4?

    Either way, the scrapping and banned VINs are a sacrilege and an environmental mess. From a German point of view, it is always fascinating to see what type of conversions and custom builds in S can be approved.

    My heart is bleeding when I think of all the Saabs that were scrapped in S and the USA or that are no longer eligible even in S.

    What a waste. Too bad.

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    Always amazing where the cars come from. Apparently, despite all efforts to the contrary, there is a high survival rate.

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    .... what you don't learn here! 😉 So the 9 after the A is pre-series and the 4 is series? Are there any other numbers with meaning? Then I have one of the first 1000 9-5NG if only the last three digits are greater than zero 🙂

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