My life with Saab - Hej Saab Vänner!

Hello Saab friends - Hej Saab Vänner! My Saab passion began in 1997. Looking for a convertible, 4 seats and space for a suitcase, strong engine and safe vehicle as well as other advantages, I found a used 900 SE 2.3 and was thrilled after the first test drive.

Saab 9-3 2.0T Aero

After 4 years (2001) and a total of 100.000 km I exchanged the 900 for a 2.2 TDI 9-3 LPT. Since I drove many kilometers, this decision was correct. But this car was unfortunately noisy, buggy and the Turbo (2004) flew around my ears.

As a goodwill, everything was brought back to its original condition. In the workshop I saw the 9-3 II 1.9 TDI sedan in steel gray and decided to buy this vehicle. That was the right decision. This vehicle accompanied me smoothly, economically and strongly for 4.5 years and 130.000 km without any problems.

Saab 9-3 2.0T Convertible Aero
Saab 9-3 2.0T Convertible Aero

In 2008 I was looking for a convertible again and I saw a 9-3 II convertible and immediately fell in love with it. A conversation with the Saab representative from Liegert convinced me of a 9-3 2.0T Aero in red that I received in May 2009. So far this is the best Saab vehicle that I still drive with enthusiasm. After 11 years and 140.000 km it is still there like new.

The MkF Switzerland (like TÜV) could only be amazed. So far I only had a new battery (May 2017) and brake pads and a wheel bearing installed on the left, otherwise the brakes, exhaust system and shock absorbers and ... everything is fine. I have a Pioneer so that I can listen to my music and achieve all goals with the Saab AVIC-F80DAB instead of having the original radio installed.

It's a shame that Saab no longer exists. Many things in the car such as ventilation grilles, displays and security as well as the "Night Panel" are simply great. The pleasant sound from the two exhaust pipes should also be noted.
I hope to be able to continue driving this Saab for a few more years, thanks to the care and good service from the dealership Delivers it will not be missing in Lauchringen.

Text and images: Michael Guretzki

2 thoughts on "My life with Saab - Hej Saab Vänner!"

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    Thanks for the story. Saab live again!

    The red color is also very good for the convertible, looks great!

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    Almost a quarter of a century

    So that's 23 years of Saab so far and 18,5 of them in convertibles, if I read and calculated correctly.

    Keep it up and have a good trip at all times. And thanks for the story and pictures. The red one is really very beautiful and worth seeing.

    At some point a Saabrio has to be found here. It seems to me that the brand is being defined more and more posthumously by its excellent convertibles. I haven't had the feeling yet and I've missed something, grows and grows and grows ...


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