Anticipation and waiting time. Saab 9-5 NG Aero from DNA.

There are miniatures, one is particularly looking forward to their appearance. The Saab 9-5 NG Aero from DNA Collectibles is certainly one of them. The limousine was long awaited, now comes the advance notice and the possibility to pre-order. You have to be patient. Even Christmas as a delivery date falls flat. January 2021 is specified.

DNA brings a miniature of the Saab 9-5 NG
DNA brings a miniature of the Saab 9-5 NG

Anticipation is supposed to be something nice.

Will the long wait be worth it? The first pictures have been published, so take a closer look. I am not neutral in this case. I drove an Arctic White 9-5 NG for a couple of years, for good reason. The last big Saab is based on the Aero X's design. Some elements, such as the deliberately visible separation of the “pilot's cockpit” with black color effects, come into their own with this color shade.

The Saab is a designer piece - as is the miniature. Arctic White suits him well, as do the fabulous turbine rims. The large panorama roof shows the optimal equipment variant, the details of the aero equipment are nicely taken. The aero level usually arouses great desire among the fans. Probably the same with the miniature as with the original. Because there are more 9-5 converted to Aero on the streets than originally left the factory.

Wait a few months.

Because delivery is only announced for January 2021. But it can be worth it. As recently with Saab 9-4x noticed, the models from DNA Collectibles are getting better and better. It is nice that the maturation does not have to be paid for additionally.

The packaging, which was very elaborate in the first models, was somewhat reduced in scope. Unpacking is now less spectacular, but it protects the environment. Since the content is still correct, has become even better, there is no problem. Also because the company was able to reduce its prices somewhat.

Save pre-orders for the Saab 9-5 NG Aero.

Around €150,00 as a regular price is acceptable. You could save 10% if you order early. The Saab then comes to the collector in the dimension 1:18, as always it is made of resin. Each miniature is numbered, the edition is reduced to 320 pieces worldwide.

What comes after the 9-5 NG? A little look into the future. A Saab 9-5 OG Aero sports suit is on the list. No less attractive than its successor. Collectors can already create some space in their showcases.

Images: DNA Collectibles (7/7)

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    @ Capri 73,

    thank you for your obligatory thumbs down. I don't mind that anymore and this time it's refreshingly immortal ...

    What bothers me is that with comments from me that praise a reader contribution, an article or a Saab, you are completely undifferentiated and follow the same pattern.

    It could give the impression that you do not find the Saab thematized (there are quite a few) or the contribution of the blog team or reader (also quite a few) worthy of praise ...

    You probably don't want to have said that at all?

    So again my request that we could ignore each other peacefully here. In the name of Saab, of peace and happieness. Thanks in advance.

  • Yes, I'm surprised too! Just the love of detail that is already in the design. And then the whole thing has to be implemented and produced in such a high quality (in Hong Kong or where was it the same?) And monitored again to ensure the quality.

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    I am always amazed when a new model is presented here that the price called should pay off despite the strictly limited requirements for DNA.

    Now I don't know about the topic, but when I look at a mundane 1: 1 plastic part from Orio for a Saab and its complexity (= 0), then the price-performance ratio of DNA and the incredibly detailed models are factors better …

  • Thanks for the great tip - I'm seriously tempted! 🙂 Although white is not really my cup of tea for car colors, I actually think light colors are best on the 9-5 NG because the aircraft cockpit design is so eye-catching!

    Is there (please, please) another 9-3 III Griffin coming ?! 🙂 After all, that was the last, and in the opinion of many the most successful, evolutionary stage of the 9-3. Best as a convertible! How about the Independence Cabriolet? Of course then with the number in the rear side window ... 🙂

    Happy Saab to all Saab fans! 🙂

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