Old cars, high mileage, an idea. We found a club.

The government encourages new car purchases? We are against it! Preserving old cars, taking care of them and using them is sustainable. An opinion that is against the mainstream. A complicated undertaking. A conservative attitude in the best sense that almost sounds like left-wing politics. Sustainability is good. Sometimes she needs some tailwind.

We are starting a club!
We are starting a club!

Anyone who still drives a Saab today usually does so as a private person. Business vehicles and high annual mileage are likely to be the absolute exception. The average mileage A privately used car in the Federal Republic has been fluctuating between 10 and 15.000 kilometers for years. Is it worth buying a new car?

Or is it better to use a car for 20 years and more? 15-20% of the CO2 emissions the entsteh already during production, 1% for recycling. If you drive a car for 20 years instead of renewing the leasing contract every 3 years, you save 6 to 7 new cars. Pretty simple calculation to worry about. Jobs are also created in the many years of use. Not primarily in the corporations, but in medium-sized car companies that take care of maintenance and upkeep during this time.

Of course, this model is not suitable for a majority or for politics. Our system is mercilessly calibrated for new goods, and if a significant part of the population would take a different path, it would have serious consequences. Maybe even good ones, because instead of investing in a new car every 3 years, the money saved could flow into alternative, really sustainable ideas. But this experiment will never happen.

Old cars and psychology

Away from the framework conditions, towards psychology. Driving old cars has a lot to do with it. The neighbors' envy for the new car, which one shouldn't have afforded, is eliminated. The mileage increases and increases, which primarily has a strange effect in Germany. Over 100.000 on the counter is considered a concern among buyers of new cars. 200.000 are already tending towards the descent. Astronomical is the half a million that only the very hard accept as maturation and not as a sign of aging.

I think almost 10 years after Saab left the group of active automakers, a little tailwind is helpful. Sustainability, a long holding period, using a product for longer - that should be recognized. In the early days of automobility, manufacturers rewarded high mileage. There was then a badge on the bow - as recognition that you had survived 100.000 kilometers with your unspeakably loud, thirsty and uncomfortable Beetle. A pat on the back for man and machine.

All manufacturers did that because 100.000 kilometers were once a landmark. It was not always the engines that painted the sails beforehand. Often enough the body didn't survive and crumbled gently in the wind. Times changed, technology became more durable, the badges disappeared almost everywhere. But not quite! Because in Germany a Japanese brand still honors the high mileage.

We found a club

High mileage means sustainability. It is not primarily about the fact that old cars develop character and their own charm over time. Everyone has to figure this out for themselves. But, according to the idea, collecting kilometers should be fun and also documented externally. What do you do in such a case?

We're founding a club for everyone who, contrary to the mainstream, cherishes, nurtures and moves their old Swedes. The Saab High Mileage Club is coming! For cars from Trollhättan with high mileage. Really with a certificate, logo and everything that goes with it. The project was delayed by Corona, now it is ready to start.

I will tell you in the next few days how this came about and what the considerations and difficulties behind it were. Then we go online and are ready to register!

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  • Now I have to decide: Should I be proud of having bought a practically rust-free 900 “full turbo” with 105000 kilometers on the meter, which I move around 2000 kilometers a year from April to November, or of having a kilometer eater, the I still have to buy one?

    In everyday life, I gave up driving Saab in 2013 after my well-maintained 9000 CS 2.3-16, which was serviced by a relevant Saab specialist, had to go to the workshop more and more frequently (unplanned) after 22 years and only 260000 kilometers approved around 12 liters in urban traffic. For example, I bought a Japanese car with an alternative drive system, which is now seven years and 100000 kilometers under its belt - the production backpack has been processed - and so far has never had to go to the workshop unscheduled (unfortunately, none of my models have that yet three Saabs succeeded) and content with an average of just under five liters (in the city with just under four): The above calculation that 15 to 20 percent is due to production and one percent to scrapping - sorry - recycling applies to mine Incidentally, vehicles are not closed, as this depends on the reference value (100 percent), which is variable.

    Nevertheless, I would like to drive a Saab every day, but the above-mentioned specialist - especially in this day and age, the last rescue of many Saab drivers - dissuaded me a little further a few weeks ago after saying that “everything is old Glump isch ”and if you want peace and quiet you can drive a car that is no more than five years old or at least two old ones if it's worth the effort: The world is complicated! I keep collecting.

  • @ StF - numbers games

    I like and know from my childhood. From 160.000 my father announced the mileage only every 40.000 and as a number of equatorial trips around the world.

    There were 8 up to my 18th and my takeover of Sweden ...

    I also like the moon trips as a category. Incidentally, it is not so utopian to cover the distance several times.

    Enter times at Wikipedia Volvo P1800. The allegedly ran 1966 million between 2018 and 5,2 until the death of its first owner.

    Saab has a reputation for being of equal quality to Gothenburg and even far superior in terms of phases and aspects.
    Surely there is someone somewhere who has covered the route to the moon three or more times. I firmly believe that.

    Anyway, nice idea!

  • Here is an idea for a somewhat unconventional odometer reading:

    You start with a junior status, in which the kilometers are counted as the number of earth orbits, where 40.000 km correspond to one earth orbit and 360.000 km are then 9 earth orbits.
    With 384.000 km driving you switch to senior status and have driven to the moon once, with 768.000 km you have gone to the moon and back again. 1,15 million kilometers are not impossible, but quite unlikely, so you probably don't have to think about it.

    Just as an idea for a winking ranking ...

  • Just great. The many comments speak for themselves. Once again hit the nerve of the times. Then I'll be gone, make space for the SHMC sticker.

  • Glad to do so, even without adding up, otherwise over Mio 1,2 million

  • Volvaab Driver - Average age of registered cars

    9,4 years? Very interesting! Knew that it was high, but thought it was around 7 years old.

    Then I went to 5 with my two pieces of jewelry (EZ 11/10 and 12/2012) from a brand that has not existed since 2018 - and even now !! - younger than the cut. Environmentally and otherwise completely irrelevant, but very nice! Oh, how nice, I drive new Saabs! 🙂 😉

  • “Club is trendy”…. even if not entirely voluntary - almost - inevitably :-))

  • Really great thing to see it exciting to see who has how many kilometers on his cars, but at least I try to save a little on the XWD Combi and try not to drive too many kilometers a year. Is currently less than 180 km.

  • 9,4 years ...

    in D registered cars were on average old in 2018. In 2010 it was only 8,1 years.

    Of course, this can go hand in hand with demographic change - with the fact that fewer people think that they are working or simply because they can afford to need or want a new one every 3 years.

    Other effects are conceivable. Uncertainty due to e-mobility, diesel scandal that makes buyers wait and see.

    Perhaps there are also delicate blossoms of sustainability in this complex of statistics and the club is trendy?

  • Great idea 🙂 Then print on stock - SAAB up to 150.000 km is already running under the SAAB new car section ...
    If I add up the km on my three SAABs - so far I'm at 798.000 km - well if that is not sustainable !?

    Could the km from the blog readers add up their km - let's see how many digits the number has!?!? 🙂

  • A great idea, but I think it's funny that people are immediately looking for / differentiating between 'ratings'.
    Everyone knows what their SAABs did. And is a 38 year old 99er with ~ 136k to be rated differently than a 12 year old 9-3 with ~ 180k?
    just make a nice badge, because you will be asked 'how much it has already run'.
    and 100.000 miles is almost 161.000 km

  • For purely selfish reasons, I find the idea of ​​the total mileage of all cars of an owner very appealing. I distribute the annual 25.000-30.000 km over four Swedes.

    Greetings to the community.

    The Lizi

  • @ Bergsaab,

    charming idea, then almost everyone could join Saab.
    And I also like Nordic Ice as the highest award.

    However, it discredits Swedish cars if they get a badge at 100.000 - unless they are very old at the same time.

    For me personally, both criteria apply and both types of drivers act sustainably. Also the one who has only driven 30 km in 100.000 years and that is why he did not buy a new car every 3 years.

    I'm very excited to see how the club is constituted and the conditions for membership.

  • there can be different levels:
    100.000km bronze
    200.000km of silver
    300.000km of gold
    400.000km of platinum
    500.000km of diamond
    all about Nordic Ice

  • Nice idea picked up again! (-:
    Unfortunately, such campaigns are no longer common, so I am very happy to found a high mileage club and I hope that they will participate actively.
    My laser-red beauty (9-3 II MY08) would unfortunately also be excluded with higher limits (currently only 128TKM). But honestly, you have to earn membership in a high mileage club with a decent distance, which is why I would not set the limit too low.

    I'm excited about what's to come ...

  • Dear Hans S.,

    I also very much hope that joining will already be possible from (for Saab) “ridiculous” 100.000 km - or all Saabs of an owner will be added up ?? !! Es Otherwise for me (SportCombi 180.000 and Cabrio 78.000) it would also mean “unfortunately we have to stay outside”… buhuhu !! 🙁

    Dear Tom and all fans,

    In any case, this is a fantastic idea and a successful hotmaker in the form of today's article - how beautiful we are all speculating about the membership conditions! Lovely! 🙂

  • Such a great idea. This will give vlele Saab fans a lot of pleasure.

  • Actually, I have it well, I can split my routes over five Saab. Just to be able to be part of this club now, I can't get anywhere with my 84000km (9-5 3.0t V6 built in 1999) to 144000km (the North Cape Lime Convertible). But I can do it, someone will soon crack the 150000km 🙂

  • Nice idea,
    I have just 9.3 222 km with my 222 Li. Vector. path . Year of construction 2004.

  • My wife and I use a 900 I and 9000 CS for business and private. A Saab 900 I Cabrio has been processed for years to weld a lot. All of our vehicles have a mileage of over 350.000. On the 9000 I have to change the cylinder head gasket.
    Over the years we have collected many old spare parts such as lights, controls, speedometers, compressors for air conditioning, air mass meters, etc.
    Have been Saab fans for more than 25 years.

  • How true how true! Breaking sustainability with that is a great idea. Would like to become a club member with my high-mileage Saabs. I'm looking forward to more information.
    Greetings, Erich

  • I like to be there! The question that arises for me is just where do “high” mileage start with a Saab?
    Well beyond the 200tKm today, almost every Saab is anyway ...
    Even my winter 9000 with its 190 miles (000km) is probably a good midfield for 304 standards ...


  • @ TomL,

    the article says “Mileage” - for me completely correct and free of undesirable associations ...

    @ Alles,

    great commitment. And well written. I would see it politically and socially, but a little more optimistically ...

    Of course, there is currently no parliamentary force in D that dares to go as far as a club can.

    Nevertheless, there is an increasing movement from below against the throw-away society towards more sustainability and the effects are diverse.

    It's not just the carbon footprint. An example: My wife bought a coffee machine from a pensioner at a flea market that has been in production for decades and still remains unchanged. Unchanged?

    Not exactly. The very beautiful machine comes to us from China today for almost € 200, is produced under questionable social standards and environmental protection conditions, pleasing investors and shareholders ...

    The machine from the flea market makes the pensioner happy, strengthens her purchasing power, relieves the social systems, the environment and the purchaser's wallet. And the old thing is actually still produced in Europe, has never been flown or shipped halfway around the world ...

    Think global - act local! ! !

    That also has a certain tradition, which is far from being resounding, but has great potential.

    Perhaps the club is one of the pieces of the mosaic that will lead to a rethink at some point and somehow? At least that's what I meant when I said at the beginning that I would see it a little more optimistically ...

    Anyway, the engagement is incredible, incredibly good ...

    Unfortunately, my (youngest and currently only) Saab didn't even break the 140.000 mark. Otherwise I would be there immediately.

  • I find it exciting. I did research once. Volvo really had a high mileage club and Toyota apparently still did. I am excited!

  • Vous pouvez compté sur moi also avec un grand plaisir
    Avec tout mon soutien

  • I'm there too!

  • Count me in! You can also support each other with advice and deed for the various ailments!

  • Oh yes and please don't call High Mile Club, because the term is already used for people who had sex above the clouds. And even if Saab from airplanes, they don't fly so high 😉

  • Good idea. But it is clear to you that you have to order a lot of certificates when the limit is 100 / 200T km 😉


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