Big Bang! Evergrande Auto presents Hengchi 1 through 6

You may have to get used to this procedure. Evergrande Auto presented 6 prototypes simultaneously in Shanghai and Guangzhou yesterday. Not offset in homeopathic doses to maintain interest. Just as you are used to from the auto industry. But with a big bang.

Hengchi 1
Hengchi 1

One could read that Evergrande in Chinese media. Always a number more important, the group can only do big. Details of the vehicles shown were lost at this moment, the big performance seemed the goal. And at least that was successful.

Hengchi 1, 2, 4.

A first attempt to get some overview of what was on stage yesterday. Evergrande Auto has committed a whole pool of well-known industrial designers. Everyone is allowed to deliver something, the designs shown vary accordingly. If you can say anything at this early stage, it is that there is no uniform design language.

But maybe that's not what you want. The Danish designer drew Hengchi 1, 2 and 4 Warming is different. He previously worked for Volkswagen, BMW and Mini. Most recently, he attracted attention with the study of the Isabela concept for the Borgward brand, which was newly born at short notice.

Hengchi 1 is the closest to the series, with production scheduled to start in 2021. Behind the number 1 is an electric sedan of the upper class that is supposed to carry a hatchback. Hengchi 2 is an electric middle class sedan, Hengchi 4 is an MPV with 7 seats. The design language of 1, 2 and 4 is relatively uniform, but not surprising. Competitors like XPeng Motors have a comparable design. A distinction would be difficult for the layperson.

Hengchi 3, 5, 6.

In addition to Anders Warming, Japanese designer Maruyama Satomi and American Michael Vernon Robinson work on behalf of Evergrande Auto. It was unclear yesterday who could have designed Hengchi 3 and 6. Hengchi 3 is a large, fully electric luxury SUV. Numbers 5 and 6 are more than one number smaller. The two SUVs are in the compact class. The Japanese Maruyama Satomi is said to have designed Hengchi number 5.

Technical details and resilient image material for the vehicles were also missing yesterday. Chinese too Media showed the prototypes only from a distance. An indication that much of Evergrande Auto is still at an early stage. The progress of the New building in Guangzhou. The plant is expected to be completed in September or October and then start operating.

8 thoughts on "Big Bang! Evergrande Auto presents Hengchi 1 through 6"

  • Horrible - anyone who gets such a car as a company route knows that the boss hates you….

  • Thanks StF,

    The shapes in the video appear different from those in the photos in the article. But what does photo or video mean when it's all just rendering?

    Now I also understand why the fronts sometimes look so strange and are not compatible with the side views.

    The renderings are simply bad, the fronts on the “photos” are completely exaggerated.

    But what is the meaning of the article? An indication that you are not very far yet.

    Quite presumptuous, to speak of the debut. But presumption is an integral part of Evergrande's corporate identity ...

    That was definitely not a debut. And as a teaser it's (for my taste) a shot to the back.

  • When looking at these pictures I had to run very, very quickly into my stable and see if my Saab were all still there. I was relieved to see these beautiful convertibles, coupes and XWD. What a feast for the eyes!
    The new generation of cars are considered as more terrible.

  • hm, ... .. hm, ... ..also when watching the pictures and the video several times (thanks Stf), ... I had to watch a SAAB aeroX video first ... ..

  • What I like is the color, I'm rather disappointed with the design. But as long as you haven't seen the interior, I can't make a final judgment.
    There is a presentation video on Youtube, which gives a slightly better picture of the vehicles with pans:

    But they don't necessarily make them more beautiful.

  • Somehow chunky and meaningless. You would have to see the production vehicles first to be able to make a final judgment - the result will probably not show the design I hoped for (a few lines reminiscent of SAAB would have been nice). Then there are probably only purely electric vehicles - no thanks, the whole thing does not arouse my interest!

  • Yes, thanks Tom.

    I am having a great time with the pictures. The rims from Hengchi 1 are apparently inspired by flowers ...

    The side view with its combination of copper / bronze and the ornamental rims in silver evokes associations with Asterix notebooks. Doesn't some centurion have a very similar breastplate?

    But the fronts are also sometimes funny. MPV and the “Volvo XC40” in particular look like amphibious vehicles with their dipper bows.

    With one exception, the others also show the same approach on their front - albeit more discreetly.

    Maybe something like a brand face suggests here? It would at least have been taken up from one designer to another…

    The bottom line is that everything seems strangely familiar to me, except for strange flowers. I would rather stay with Saab and old Volvos ...

    Can't hurt.

  • Hm,…. Thanks for the information!

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