The Rhön is calling - invitation to the 2nd Saab exit Rhön

The Rhön calls! Invitation to the 2nd Saab exit Rhön on Saturday, September 12, 2020. Dear Saab friends, this year everything is different. But with a little luck, that is, unless there is another lockdown, we will start the 12nd Saab exit on Saturday, September 09, 2020.

Saab exit Rhön 2020
Saab exit Rhön 2020

For the event, a hygiene concept was created based on the current regulations, which was coordinated with the local health department.

The wording will be sent after registration.

Since some participants may have to take another trip, the process will be slightly different than in 2019:

  • Meeting at 11:00 a.m. (this time, unfortunately, without a small snack, but with the opportunity to visit a toilet)
  • Short drive to the restaurant
  • The actual exit takes place after lunch
  • The stops outside are used for the "gasoline talks" around Saab

There is no participation fee this time, everyone has to pay for lunch. Since there cannot be a buffet, a menu must be selected in advance. The menu suggestion is also sent after registration.

Noah's sailing visitor platform on the elbow
Noah's sailing visitor platform on the elbow

This time the number of participants is limited to 20 people (not cars) for organizational reasons!

The exit is a purely private meeting with no commercial interest. Everything runs at your own risk and without liability against the host.

The exit takes place in any weather.

I ask all interested parties to indicate themselves

  • full name and address
  • Vehicle type
  • Number of participants

Under   to register.
Everything else then comes via email.

I'm looking forward to seeing you

Thomas Zecher

Text and images: Thomas Zecher

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    Juhu, an exit nearby. We are looking forward to the “SAAB - Nuts”. 😉

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