Idea becomes reality. The Saab High Mileage Club is coming.

The idea is clear. Long use is sustainability. A Saab is good for many kilometers, the performance should be documented and appreciated. In the past, this was done by the manufacturers. That was a long time ago, today the focus is on pushing more new vehicles onto the market. Old vehicles with many kilometers are better disposed of for export.

Stickers, certificates, ideas. The Saab High Mileage Club is coming.
Drafts of stickers, certificates. We have ideas. The Saab High Mileage Club is coming.

This idea with the badges for high mileage could not get out of my head in the last few months. Years ago there was something like that at Volvo too. Stickers and plaques for high mileage and long holding times. Realizing something like this for Saab could be a good idea, wouldn't it?

An idea becomes a difficulty

The in-house print shop produces stickers according to our wishes. In principle, I run into open doors with my idea in January 2020, but not with my specifications. Quality metal or aluminum look, a solid material. It should also be weatherproof and durable. I don't like every suggestion from the printer. Not every material that I find good is suitable for printing.

In the end we discover something. Aluminum look and structure, quite solid. The material is actually used to give pieces of furniture an expensive metal look. So why not At least one should try. The printing works well after a few fine adjustments, the result looks good. It feels good, looks good. Is something special.

But there is a difficulty. After the initial euphoria has subsided, we study the manufacturer's specification. The foil is expensive, it is robust, it is ingenious. Unfortunately too ingeniously robust. Because it has such a fabulous adhesive force that the car would stick to the film. And not the other way around. Not good, peeling would only be possible with the loss of part of the car paint.

Frustrating, because the search for suitable material and the test print thing now starts all over again. Finally we finally find an alternative. Suitable for car paints, the desired look and easy to print on.

We start at 250.000 kilometers

Where do you start, where do you stop? At 150.000 kilometers or at 200.000? Or a higher performance? A spontaneous and unrepresentative survey among friends helps me. 150.000 is a new car in the Saab cosmos, 200.000 a demonstrator. From 250.000 you can speak of well run-in, upwards the scale is open.

So there will be 4 levels in the Saab High Mileage Club. From 250.000 you can work your way up. 500.000, 750.000 up to a million. The stickers and the corresponding certificates are graded in color. Green for beginners with the gentle 250.000 kilometers. Then it goes on to bronze, silver and gold. The Olympic thought comes through.

So an idea becomes reality. The Saab High Mileage Club will go online next week. A campaign for driving fun and sustainability and the realization that the two are not mutually exclusive.

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    Just stick it on the panes!

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    @Volvaab Driver
    Thank you very much, no, I don't work in advertising or marketing, but I'm open to changes 😀
    My idea was to get everyone on board instead of just a few.
    we are curious what Tom has for the non-HMC'ler.
    otherwise we will make a petition (fun) ... ..

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    Low Mileage Club - and other ideas

    Also a nice idea! ME should also, but not exclusively, honor the age of the vehicles. But also, for example, the long-term ownership of the same Saab as well as consistent brand loyalty - the latter is also a contribution to sustainability in a brand that is no longer produced. Every Saab that is saved from scrapping and not replaced by a new car that is harmful to the climate - at least during production - is a win.

    Oh, so many great ideas! 🙂 I am very curious to see what the blog (team?) Or Tom, according to his hints, has hatched out beautiful things!

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    Hello, I sold my saab 93 aero turbocharger last year with 560 km. I still have a saab convertible 000 turbodiesel bj. In 93 I only have 2004 km on it. if a club is founded i would like to be there. I have had 220 Raabs so far.
    love greetings Wolfgang

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    Saabantium - Low Mileage Club

    I think the idea is totally brilliant for countless reasons! ! !

    Not as an opposition event, but for all Saab drivers. If you have one under 500.000, 750.000 or under 1.000.000, under 2 million badges on a Saab that is labeled LOW MILEAGE CLUB, how cool is that please? ? ?

    And it's also cool for those who have less to lose. With badges (under 100.000, 200.000 and so on), they show that they consciously preserve historic automobiles (every Saab is historic, the brand is history) and that they divide up the treasures well. You can also choose to do a lot of things on foot, by bike or by public transport.

    It's all an expression of sustainability - be it that a Saab has driven over 500.000 and saved a lot of new cars or that its owners have been so (environmentally) consciously on the road in the last 10, 20 or more years that nothing more has come together.

    Great thought. The Low Mileage Club would also elegantly solve the dilemma I described earlier. Under 500.000 everyone likes to stick to the car as soon as 250.000 are full or to cars with 400.000+.

    In a HIGH Mileage Club, however, a 250.000 sticker on a 400.000+ vehicle is misleading.

    LOW MILEAGE CLUB - what an incredibly charming and cheeky idea ...

    Especially cheeky when it says under the low mileage label that the Saab has not yet cracked the 750.000 or the million. Do you come from marketing? Can you be lured away if necessary?

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    Ha, mine is still a fountain of youth with 212.000 km 🙂

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    Then there won't be a sticker for me either ... It's a shame.
    But you should probably think of a low mileage club ... for everyone under 200k km

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      Probably when I look at the comments like that. But don't worry, we still have something for everyone who shouldn't have a chance now. For the group of enthusiasts, so to speak, of cars that are driven very sparingly.

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    Nice action. Unfortunately, none of my five Saab even come close to meeting the criteria. Yes, no matter. With me there won't be so many kms that I'll ever get to 250000km. I just don't drive as much as I used to, no more commuting 🙂 and the distances are spread over too many cars. Overall, however, I'm at around 590000km, that's something.

    What also counts is that we continue to move our Saab and keep it visible. I also wish everyone a good trip!

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    Georg Fluvius - GI

    If the mile eater happens to be a black turbo coupe, I know the previous owner.

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    I don't fully understand the problem with the mile speedometers. Both miles and kilometers are defined linear measures with a defined conversion factor, aren't they? (Of course we are talking about terrestrial and non-nautical miles).
    Which leads to the question how it behaves with the EU + miles speedometer? With my currently active vehicles I get a total of 1.800.000 km or, in other words, 1.520.000 km plus 175.000 miles (corresponds to approx. 280.000 km), whereby only the vehicle with the mile speedometer is over 250.000 km, all of which are in Germany or Scandinavia came together. As the? Because the first owner was a GI of the American armed forces in Germany and has specifications of the US models according to the car specifications and this GI left his car here after his return to the USA.
    But maybe EU + Switzerland just means the group of eligible participants based on their place of residence.

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      It is exactly like that.

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    Cool thing, then I should increasingly drive both of them again, lately I've tried to save a bit on the XWD and have driven more kilometers with the diesel. Both of them take 250 km.

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    You won't really be able to please anyone. One of them rumbles because he only has 100.000 on his speedometer, the next because he only covers 3000 kilometers per year. Another is happy because his box is already half a million full 🙂

    If you read this, you should introduce an annual plaque for loyalty and steadfastness (!). I think the concept of the High Mileage Club is right, because how else could it have been solved? In 10.000 or 50.000 kilometer steps with countless variants and an enormous effort? How should Tom and Mark (if still there) do that?

    To be honest, I think it's good that someone is still thinking about Saab in Germany. Because without a blog we would be pretty lonely by now.

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    that is very attentive and spot on. So my comment is not in its own right, but in the subjunctive.

    If I had a Saab with 250.000 plus, I would probably be there. I think the entry clause is good and correct. I am with Freising86 & Tom ...

    It would also cast a bad light on the brand and its supporters if it were less.

    But would I stick a 500.000 badge on a Saab (or Volvo) with just under 250.000? Certainly not.

    You can't just deprive old Kempen of almost half of her life, I think. Incidentally, that would be the case with my Gothenburg resident and probably not an isolated case.

    The large number of potential club members is naturally in the lower range - below the 500.000.
    In some cases, however, so far and well over 250.000 that it is no longer an honor for the large mass of potential club members to stick a 250.000 sticker on their car.

    Anyone who has run a marathon doesn't want a sticker for a 25 km run ...

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    A really great campaign to honor a long car life. Unfortunately, my Saab with its around 135 thousand kilometers is still a long way from the first hurdle. I'm looking forward to the first nominations.

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    Volvaab: The H approval.

    but has the first part of the name - which is not allowed for this competition - right? 🙂 The badge is only given to Saabs, right?

    I too will probably drive more station wagons (and thus protect the convertible even more) in order to get to the green bump level. But even for that I would need at least five years depending on the current situation ... 🙁

    Joking aside, I will certainly not “scrub” my treasures either. It's okay like that. I'm looking forward to what's “coming”… 🙂

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    Yes, this is where the disappointment of some readers comes through. At 100.000 everyone would have been in it and given a fancy adhesive. The world can be so incredibly mean.
    Seriously: 250.000 as an entry is absolutely perfect. And there is still something to learn for the next few years. Keep it up!

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    ... at least the youngsters come into the ranking with the aero9k, the others are not spared, but it still takes time, the next candidate is the 9-7x. It's just a curse and a blessing when you have several SAABe ... and the T3 also wants to be moved 😉

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    I have to agree with vovaab, sustainability can be m. E. Measure not only by the mileage, but also by the age of the vehicle. While my 9-3x, which was first registered in 2012, is really still a 'chick', my well-cared-for 9-3 I is already 18 years old, so it is already more than halfway to the H license plate. But he only gets a few kilometers - driven with a seasonal license plate. And just scrubbing it to get the coveted badge has nothing to do with sustainability. Convertible fans will feel the same way.
    So it would be nice if you don't just look at the kilometers driven.

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      As already mentioned in another answer: We know the situation - there is still something to come.

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    How cool is that, due to the size of my fleet and the natural limitations of mileage, I have two new cars in the garage, which are 12 years and 17 years old.

    I move and look after my sweethearts, only the 250.000 km as a starting point I will hardly manage even in the next 15 years.

    But no matter, I look forward to every kilometer king and to every SAAB I still meet on the streets of this world.

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    EU + Switzerland

    Very nice tip towards Brexit.

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    Pretty ambitious, these Olympics ...

    Can be understood as motivation, but it can also be frustrating. Athletes know how tight it gets at the top.

    Here you have to jump twice as far to get from fourth place to the podium and three times as far for second place ...

    If I got that right, didn't a single one of the kilometer kings presented here jump that far?

    Quite frustrating when you have an H license plate, the insurance only allows 9.000 per year and the next award is almost 28 years in the future.

    I would think a modular system would be cool if the members of the club could update their mileage themselves in between.

    A sticker for “greenhorns” looks completely different with 400.000+ than with 250.000 points and.

    And who would still want to drive a sticker with a discreditingly banal 499.000 on a car with a proud 250.000?

    Is it not possible to provide the stickers with a window for changing mileage? Every 250.000 there is a new “window frame”, but in between and every 50.000 or 100.000 there is a new sticker for this green, bronze or silver frame, until everything is really said with gold and 1.000.000+ ...

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      We already thought about something at the Olympics. The million is the goal, there are already Saabs that have jumped this hurdle. There has to be something to distribute in the coming years.

      Teaser: This is just the beginning. There is still something to be said, owing to the brand's special situation. We have more 😉

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    Oh how to be 😉

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    Cool thing!
    Only one question might arise straight away to the uninitiated observer: miles or kilometers?
    In addition, in the international environment of our community this is no longer clear and comparatively unfair for the countries with mileage tachometers: they have to work significantly more mileage to have the same number on the meter. The comparability then catches a bit ...

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      EU plus Switzerland = kilometers. There will be no EU this time.

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